Disc Platinum Rule Assessment

Question (1 of 18) I find it easy to share and discuss personal feelings with others. I prefer to keep personal feelings private, sharing them only when necessary. Answer- I prefer to keep personal feelings private, sharing them only when necessary. One of my main perspectives while working in a team / organization is to keep personal feelings controlled to achieve certain tasks successfully. To keep the personal feelings private is to behave more maturely and productively in a group. There are many kinds of personalities who have different ideas about each person based on their own personal reflection of a person.
The person may be prudent thinker who can solve the problems with his shrewdness / there may be person who has the talent but lethargic to solve the problem / there may be a person who can make a complete mess when solving a problem / there may be persons who never wish to solve any problems. In this case if I am the organizer or the team leader, I should analyze the different sets of people in the work environment and abide by them rather than rendering my personal attitude towards a worker. Moreover any personal problems should be strictly prohibited in group discussions.
We should always be in control of our emotions especially when other people estimate us to be very reserved. This does not mean that always personal feelings should be kept private; occasionally it can be delivered in a friendly, enthusiastic and jovial style to keep up a strong relationship with intimate persons. Question (2 of 18) I tend to be slower paced. I tend to be faster paced. Answer is I tend to be faster paced. In a work environment say it a business or a white color jobs, it is a tendency to complete the task in a faster pace than dragging it to incompletion.

For example, being a graduate student it is always a recommended aspect of my responsibility to complete the assignments / projects in a faster pace than to haul it to the last moment for completion. According to my perspective, taking a quick decision is supposed to the best way to approach a problem and resolve it in a business setting. Along with the recent technological innovations in this automotive world, I believe it’s greatly possible for any worker to be quick paced to complete any task with ease. Question (3 of 18)
I prefer getting tasks completed before socializing with others. I prefer to socialize with others before getting tasks started. Answer: Prefer getting tasks completed before socializing. This is one of the rules that I definitely follow in an environment where I have to take the responsibility to complete a task successfully. Whether working individually / group on a task / problem, I always remembered for what am for? For example; when working in a research lab I happen to come across many students, lab assistants, etc. where I have to spend most of my time.
In such surroundings I should remember my responsibilities as a student to complete the research before getting into socially with the people in the lab. I can complete my lab work / research and then invite them for entertainment activities and social gatherings. It is always remembered to be a prompt person to be dutiful to complete the given tasks before getting into relationships and enjoy being social. Most of the times being very social may lead to several problems like misunderstandings; producing an incomplete work, etc Question (4 of 18) I find it easy to directly express my opinions.
I am reluctant to directly express my opinions. Answer: I find it easy to directly express my opinions. According to my views on relationships with any person should be direct and expressive. For example while working in a project / exhibit for my college, I take up my right as a responsibility to discuss my opinions directly without any hesitations. Sometimes dumb persons express their thoughts very easily. So, I believe to express any of my opinions easily with my instructor who does not teach properly / or guide who fails to make me understand concepts, etc.
To maintain a healthy team work it’s always an essential point to easily discuss one’s opinions with others. at times even a silly opinion tend to produce fruitful results. Question (5 of 18) I prefer building relationships over completing tasks. I prefer completing tasks over building relationships. Answer: I prefer completing task over building relationship. I always prefer this for the reason that I cannot trust any relationship except me to complete a given task successfully. I am a graduate student pursuing PhD studies in a college or research institute.
I will be working under a guide who will be a person or group of persons who help me throughout my research and studies. In that environment I have to understand to be a proficient student to study and complete my project successfully than getting to know more my guide or team worker. Sometimes it’s tough to keep up our trends in avoiding personal discussions but we fail often and tend to be inquisitive to pry for others personal things especially married life, etc. Question (6 of 18) I usually react slowly when faced with new situations or decisions.
I usually react quickly when faced with new situations or decisions. Answer: I usually react quickly when faced with new situations. Yes, this again is my perspective of completing a new task quickly. I know hasty decisions lead to disaster but keeping the decision prolonging for longer time will render the work imperfect. If I happen to come across a new situation say for example I am transferred to a new lab for my research studies by my guide, I have to take up the new situations and react quickly by getting accustomed with the new lab.
Always there should be motive of deciding and implementing any tasks in new environment with assertiveness. Question (7 of 18) I tend to get stressed when dealing with people on a daily basis. I tend to get motivated when dealing with people on a daily basis. Answer: I tend to get motivated when dealing with people on a daily basis. This is factual for the reason that working with people in the same environment daily will motivate me to be a self-confident person to know my responsibilities and work well.
In our day to day life we may happen to meet many personalities who serve as motivational factors to boost our career. For example, no matter if a person humiliates or encourages for any work done, both humiliation and encouragement makes the person feel motivated. Any discouragement can sometimes render a challengeable factor for the person to excel in future; similarly even encouragement will boost the person to carry on the tasks fruitfully. Question (8 of 18) I make decisions whether or not all the facts are available. I make decisions after all the facts are available.
Answer: I make decisions after all the facts are available. Yes this is with respect to my decision making ability when faced with a problem. It is true that without having any valid reasons in your hand you cannot object an issue or prolong a issue too. For example: Before I could start my career as a research analyst or scientist, I have to be cognizant enough to learn the scope of research analysts, whether it will suit my schedules, family, etc. Therefore only after learning the truths about the situation from various persons or books I can decide for my career as research analyst or scientist.
Question (9 of 18) I prefer to work with other people or in groups. I prefer to work alone. Answer: I prefer to work alone. This is for the reason that not many times team work produces good results. There are many drawbacks to work in a team namely abide with others opinions which may prove wrong for my interpretations, time schedule and above all a speck of misunderstanding is more than enough to spoil the entire issue. For example, when given group assignments it often gets delayed because certain members in the group who wok lethargic and least bothered for a good grade.
Whereas the group will be blamed as a whole if something goes wrong even though I may be perfect. When I work as an individual I will be more careful to complete the task successfully and even if something goes wrong I will get the chance to learn things to produce fruitful outcomes in future. Question (10 of 18) I tend to listen more than talk. I tend to talk more than listen. Answer: I tend to listen more than talk. This is my policy as a student because I am in the process of learning and not teaching.
Therfore, I tend to listen more than to talk my own because I don’t want to stammer in between when I get messed up with certain things. For example when I have to discuss my doubts, I can do so without hesitations whereas when I have to listen to a new concept I have to be patient enough to learn and then talk to prove myself well acquainted with the topic in hand. It will not only make me confident but also encourage me to learn, think and then apply to produce a meaningful speech. Question (11 of 18) I am mostly time disciplined. I usually am not time disciplined.
Answer: I am mostly time discipline. With my routine life I have formulated my own time schedule to carry out things. I know what to do at the right time. For example, working for long hours in the night and having less sleep will eventually reflect on the other day. I may tend to get tired easily and lose my track with the daily schedules. Therefore, I prefer to abide with my time schedule in working out things in my routine life. Question (12 of 18) I come across as more assertive than others. I come across as less assertive than others. Answer: I come across as more assertive than others.
This is again for the reason that “I believe in what I am – confident” and I know that I am capable to do things successfully than others. This does not lead to the misconception that I am the only best of all, but a call within myself that I am better in what I do with my uniqueness and attribute in approaching a problem. I also believe that each person has their own style of resolving things. When I know that I am assertive than others I will get self – motivated and carry out tasks systematically and carefully. Question (13 of 18) I am easy to approach in new social situations.
I am more standoffish in new social situations. Answer: I am easy to approach in new social situations. I am easy to approach in any social situations and don’t hesitate to render my help for any cause. After all it’s certain social situations that teach me to learn new things and get accustomed to new social issues. I know my responsibilities in the environment and open-minded in many social situations. Even in social gatherings or big events, I don’t make a fuss of myself to get approached because I like being social and treated socially.
As an easily approachable person I am an excellent listeners, devoted friend, and loyal employees with my nature of being social. My relaxed disposition always makes me easily approachable and warm to develop strong networks of people who are willing to be mutually supportive and reliable. I like being an excellent team players. Question (14 of 18) I tend to `bite my tongue` when I don’t agree with someone. I tend to `speak my mind` when I don’t agree with someone. Answer: I tend to `speak my mind` when I don’t agree with someone.
This is for the reason that I know what is right and what is wrong, because I know to differentiate things with my knowledge and experiences. Certainly I should have learnt the advantages and disadvantages, merits and demerits of an issue before handling it. Therefore I will have a clear understanding of the issue before getting into any decisions with someone. I don’t like to follow others decisions and always stick to my own perception of things because thoughts and perceptions varies from one person to another. What one person feels right about an issue will make me feel wrong and the reverse too.
So, I prefer taking decisions only after cognitive thinking to bring out my best decision in solving the issue. Question (15 of 18) It takes time to get to know me. I am easy to get to know. Answer: I am easy to get to know. Every man is a social animal. I am very gregarious to be known by others as I don’t want to be very reserved with my own world. I also know that only when I am easily approachable, people will get to know about me and don’t hesitate to invite me for any discussions or team works. I like being social and hardly restrict myself being confined with my own perception.
I know life will get easier and happier only when we learn how to be social. Question (16 of 18) I get impatient when things move too slowly. I get frustrated when things move too quickly. Answer: I get impatient when things move too slowly. I follow a quick rule to see things happen as early as possible because I get frustrated when things move very slowly without any real seriousness. For example, while working in a laboratory I did like to do the things fast and complete the records soon rather than sit and wait for things to be done.
In case a chemical has not yet reached the lab and I have to do the experiment, I can’t sit up for long hours and wait for the chemical to arrive rather I will find an alternative chemical that has the same properties of the unavailable chemical and start working my experiments. Even when the results may change, I can feel satisfied that I have done something rather than just sitting idle whiling away my time. Sometimes my luck can take me to find something new with the alternative chemical used in the experiment. Question (17 of 18) I value feelings over facts.
I value facts over feelings. Answer: I value facts over feelings. I can differentiate between feelings and facts and therefore I believe to value facts more than feelings. Feelings are mere thoughts that keep our minds vacillating to take any decisions, in such case it is good to analyze the task and implement our factual reasoning skills to control our feelings. Question (18 of 18) I generally avoid conflict. I do not avoid conflict. Answer: I generally avoid conflict. I always believe that the more the situation gets complicated the more sufferings I may undergo.
Therefore, I generally avoid conflicts in any situation. Take the laboratory example where the chemical was unavailable in the lab, I know what I should do. Alternatively complaining the manager for the chemical availability by raising conflicts will make nothing to the unavailable chemical but eventually end in misunderstandings. Henceforth, it will become difficult to approach the chemical manager in future. It is easy to get into conflicts but hard to retain your assertiveness as a good person capable of managing any tasks with the easy going nature.
Why you agree or disagree with this assessment? I agree with this assessment because it has made me understand my behavioral preferences in a work environment analyzing myself as a Director, Socialized person, Relater and as a Thinker. In my own way I have learnt that I am analytical, persistent and systematic who enjoys problem-solving. I am very much detail-oriented and consider such feedbacks with my full consciousness than style. I am very much task-oriented and wish to work with people enjoying and perfecting processes and working toward tangible results.

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