Statistical Data on Population of Weyburn

Weyburn is one of the lesser known cities in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The small Canadian settlement was organized in 1899, and in the “achieved City status on September 1, 1913.” The city is known for many things, one of which being their Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team the Weyburn Red-Wings. The team was founded in the year 1961, as “the first Weyburn hockey team skated onto the colosseum Ice.
They have won 8 SJHL Championships in their history, 1970,71,84, 94, 95, 97, 98, and 2001.” The population of the city of Weyburn Police force was established in the year 1913, “under the leadership of Chief Constable Blaikie and three constables, Shee, Lyons, and Partridge.” There has been 7 chiefs of police in the history of Weyburn, the most recent of which being Marlo Pritchard. As stated on the Weyburn page police “In 2012, the current chief of Police [Mr.] Pritchard was sworn in as the seventh constable of the Weyburn Police Service.”
The population size of Weyburn in comparison to other locations in Saskatchewan. To look at the exact numbers we can note that from past Canadian Census figures. When looking at the Census data from 2006-2016 you will notice that the population of Weyburn has steadily increased. In the 2006 census the population was listed at “9433” that number jumped to “10484 in 2011” and would increase to 10870 in 2016.

To break these numbers down, we view this from through the 2016 numbers. Upon viewing, you see that 51.7% (5255) of the population, and the female population was “48.3% (5620)” of the population. The 2016 age distribution revealed that 22.4% of the population ranged from 0-17 years old (2430). Continuing on 58.6% of the population lands between the ages of 18-64 (6370), while the rest of the population at 19% within the age of over 65 (2065). In relation to the statistics as a whole the chart brakes down like this
Continuing on with the details of Weyburn one thing too look it is the employment rates, and the necessary, economic, and housing status of the citizens. As explained by Weyburn economic level the employment level has been stagnant around 70%, the only major drop in employment was recorded in 2011 as employment was at “62.6%.” When one compares the income that one makes in Weyburn you find that as recorded in 2012 the disposable income was listed at $64982.
Now when you compare that to other cities the numbers are quite high, one of the lowest examples of cities is Yorkton Saskatchewan, listed at 49765. The next stat worth taking note of is the median income of the citizens of Weyburn. now as the percentage of jobs occupied in the work force, meaning the percentage of the jobs that those who are employed in Weyburn work at.
As explained on 20.5% of participants work in Sales and services, 16.8% of participants work in Trades and transports, 13.4% work in business finance, and 11.8% work in management. All the other jobs to note have under a 10% occupation of the labor force of Weyburn. Anyway, with all the statistics related to the city of Weyburn another factor to look at is the violent and the property crime of the city.
In order to get into the details of crimes, one must know why people commit a crime. Now in the specifics of why people commit property crime, as well as violent crime. In regards to property crime, there are two basic theories, first of which being Rational Choice, and the second being Routine Activity. Rational Choice is defined as “a principle that assumes individuals make prudent and logical decisions [that] provide people with the greatest benefit given the choices available.” The theory of Routine Activity is defined on as “for a crime to occur, 3 elements must be involved.

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Statistical Data on Population of Weyburn
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Motivation to commit the offence,
A vulnerable victim who is available, and
Insufficient protection to prevent the crime.

” Thus in summary two ways to explain the cause of crime, are related to first the benefit of risk/reward, and also the opportunity factor of committing a property crime. In regards to violent crime, these criminals can be placed in specific group-like personalities. As explained by Paul G. Mattiuzzi, co author of “the Everything psychology book,” violent criminals can be qualified in many groups, one example of which being the Traumatized criminal.
The traumatized criminal fits as “agresssion occurs in response to a single massive assault on their identity, and the essence of their existence will be destroyed if they do not respond.” This person is one who has suffered a tragic event, and they feel it a necessity to respond to their abuser. Another example would be the obsessive personality. As Mattiuzi explains the obsessive is “immature and narcissistic individuals who demand. or crave attention and affection. Violence would happen because ‘if I can’t have her, nobody can.” Thus the situation in regards to an obsessive criminal would be one who commits violence in the name of possessing what they are terrified they might lose.
When one looks at both the violent, and the property crime rate over a lengthy period of time they need a source to accomplish such research. In looking first at Violent Crime you will notice that the numbers have remained largely similar throughout the years.
Now what one can get from this is that the numbers largely range from a lowest total of which being in 2016, and the highest total 2013 at 296. Now ways to address violent crime are more difficult than another crime industry known as property crime. The FBI definition of Violent crime is listed as “composed four of offences: murder and non negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.” Now looking at the details in relation to action committed by the police there are cop related deterrents worth taking note of. The years 2015, and 2016 were met with years of increase in technology. as stated on the Weyburn police page “2015 saw the introduction of [the] taser, providing an additional tool, and use of force in dealing with high risk situations.” One way to chart down the success of police dealing with crime would be the annual crime sever.
Another way that Weyburn police have attempted to combat violent crime happened in 2003. As stated on the Weyburn police history page
Under Chief Horsman’s leadership the Weyburn police service, with the assistance of funding from the provincial government, implemented an Integrated Organized Crime Unit. This unit was staffed with members of the Weyburn police service with the RCMP and was housed in the Weyburn police service building. The Unit was tasked with intelligence gathering and combatting the increasing prevalence of organized crime in South East Saskatchewan.
With the creation of this group there was a noticeable impact in the details of violent crime as the amount of incidents dropped from 196-184. A causation for this drop is that with organized crime comes violence as “the constant threat of violence keeps victims and witnesses silent.” An example of a similar drop takes place in Lloydminster as the amount of violent crimes drop from “102 in 2002 to 72 in 2003.”
One of the ways that Weyburn has attempted to lower the amount of violent crimes were in influence from other cities.
One of which is a gun amnesty policy in which “people can turn over their unwanted firearms without penalty, regardless of how they were acquired.” The influence of this policy is taken from other examples, one of which being Moose Jaw. As explained by the Moose Jaw police chief Rick Bourassa “the police have dealt with more than 1000 incidents of unlawful firearm use in Saskatchewan between 2012-2016.” Thus this policy that Weyburn created was influenced by the city of Moose Jaw. Using the data that Weyburn had, with another example such as Regina who ran the policy in 2017 and “during that time collected 157 firearms.”
Another way to notice trends in crime and how the results are affected By acts of criminality is to check crime statistics from sources to make sure you understand the crime trends of your city. As stated on Weyburn review “After years of reductions, the crime severity index for the city of Weyburn saw increases in both violent and nonviolent categories.” Through these realizations they were able to determine how those numbers increased in 2016. As Chief Stafford states “the change in serious incidents came from 3 primary incidents that occurred in 2016. Our serious assaults were up 40%, weapon charges were up 50?”. Thus what this article concludes that extra incidents of criminal activity have led to a spike in violent crimes committed in 2016 were the increase in overall criminal activity.
Another way to view crime is through that of property crime. As explained in the info on violent crime, for property crime in order to analyze that stats on Weyburn property crime from 2000-2016. As the FBI states property crime covers “burglary, larceny theft, and arson. The object of the the offence is taking money or property, but no force or threat of force against the victims.” As seen in the table below the results of the crime rates are as follows.
Now unlike the section of violent crime these results can be solely based off of the data. As one can see, property crime was at its highest in 2001, which the city population is stated at 9534. The results however take a massive dive to 2011 when the number is down to 580, where after a brief spike the number in 2016 of property crimes is seen at 402. In regards to the statistics that would be provide logic to why the amount of crimes went down first we look at police action. The most blatant example of evidence of a drop in crime relates to the year 2011.
As explained by Discover Weyburn “We have seen a reduction in property crime which really helps to reinforce that weyburn is a safe city to live in.” One of the policies that similarly happened amongst that timeframe involve extra funding for the weybirn police force. As stated on public safety and policing approved to enter into agreement, on behalf of the government of Saskatchewan, substantially in the form of attached Schedule A, with the Weybum Police, the government of Saskatchewan agrees to provide$200000 for the period of April 1 2011 to March 31, 2012 to continue the organized/serious crimes task force program and the Enhanced community policing program in the City of Weyburn.
Thus one can make the logical assumption that the funding for the organized for the purpose of the organized crime task force was part of the reason the numbers dove as much as they did.
Another way to analyze this is by viewing the economic data to see why the people would commit crimes in the property sense As previously stated one of the methods used for property crimes were the Rational theory, which as stated on investopedia “assumes that individuals always make prudent and logical decisions that provide them with the highest amount of personal utility. These decisions provide people with the greatest benefit given the choice available.” Now a reason that would fit the narrative of advancing personal utility would be that they don’t make enough money that stealing from another source would be the most beneficial way of them collecting money. Since there was a large drop of property crime in 2011 it should be important to know why that is.
As explained in discovery weyburn “In december 2011 the average weekly earning in the province were up by 3.3% compared to 1 year prior.” Now how to explain this would be stated in HuffingtonPost as it states “Saskatchewan’s economy grew 4.8% (yearly average) from the previous year, thanks to strong export demand for its natural resources.” Another example where this takes place is in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. The total amount of property crimes in 2010 for Prince Albert was “3552” and in 2011 that number dropped to “2922” A reason for the massive growth in Weyburn is twofold.
First is due to a major increase in household income. As stated on Weyburn economic development “Average household income in Weyburn is much higher than the national average at 16%, with Lloydminster and Estevan the only compatibles.” Also another explanation is through growth in resources as well as a growth in the population. AS previously stated Weyburn’s population rose in the 2011 census to “10484, a growth of 11%. Also Weyburn has benefited from the resource boom in the economy, the fundamentals of the economy, a mix of resources, agriculture, processing, and tourism will encourage sustained growth.
” The reason they 2 go in hand is because “Weyburn is among the youngest cities in Saskatchewan. thus there are the largest populations for retail opportunities.” In summary the economic boost that happened in Weyburn was used as a deterrent against the Rational choice method. Thus those who thought they had no alternative in regards to getting money in fact come 2011 were experiencing an increase in income. When you are making more money that is a way to limit the need of committing property crime.
In summary explaining the wave of property crime the most noteworthy shift happened between 2010-2011 as the amount of property crimes committed were 164 less than that of the previous year. The reasoning for that is due to the massive increase in multiple areas in Weyburn such as advancement of resources, creation of work opportunites, and growth in population. Thus the need for violent crime had been reduced as a result of these methods.
In regards to violent crime the results are very stagnant, with only occasional minor sized dips. There have been policies that have been created to deal with the dangers of violent crime, for example the creation of an organized crime task force led to a drop in violent crime in 2003. However methods that are created to deal with these crime rates exist such as crime reports issued by the city to determine the existence of crimes committed in the city over the year. Also they use other cities for inspiration. the biggest example of course being their gun policy which say cities such as Regina and Moose Jaw experience success. Thus that is a look into the world of Weyburn Saskatchewan, hope it was very informative.

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