Set Performance Target Of Teams

It just goes beyond the performance level of your business is much more dynamic process to measure the performance of a small step. Key areas that drive their business performance to set performance goals included.

Targets are a powerful management tool that can help growing businesses make strategic changes that many are distributed as needed. The upper level of our strategic objectives, the plan can be implemented through a departmental goals and key performance indicators based on the ideal way to set goals.

Following works as determined related to performance management module explores the dimensions of TESCO.

Table of Contain






About Tesco


SMART Goal Setting


Strategic Objectives


Tools and methods for determining the goals of teamwork


Monitoring activities to improve team performance


Performance Monitoring Team 


Personal dynamic impact on their commitment to the security action






Operational units, each of which carries its own strategic objectives and intermediate results indicators for selection should set a target performance. How to determine the performance will be measured with the scale or size of target identification, specific results within a clear time plan levels to be achieved. 

Final and intermediate objectives: the ultimate goal of the plan period at the end of the indicator value terms of performance. Strategic objectives, the ultimate goal is often set at 5-8 years. The ultimate goal of intermediate results as a rule, five years to remove all three. In addition, some intermediate goals between the original and ultimate goal were to be installed over the years (eg, for the year is expected to change in data collection can be). 

Quantitative and qualitative goals: the goals of quantitative or qualitative depending on the nature of their targets may be. Numerical targets for quantitative indicators will be qualitative indicators will describe the goals. In most cases, targets are quantitative – they determine how much change from year to year is expected. For some indicators, targets, reflecting an increase of some sort. Reduction or decrease can be improved, however, as especially childhood diseases to reduce the number of deaths, as some health indicators for the business.

Targets are powerful management tools that can help growing businesses make strategic changes that many be distributed as needed. The upper level of our strategic objectives, the plan can be implemented through a departmental goals and key performance indicators based on the ideal way to set goals. 

For example, one seeks to expand its product features design company which has patented new products, or licensing provides a revenue forecast, the number of year on year growth target may be. Especially depending on the best capture the dynamics of key market indicators.

About Tesco

Tesco is the UK’s leading retailer. We are the world’s top three retailers, operating 3,700 stores worldwide and more than 440,000 people are employed. China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and India in Asia and the Americas, Europe, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and the Republic of Poland – Tesco operates in 13 countries outside the UK.

By the end of 1990 we were faced with strong competition and the new strategy is needed. We were good at buying and selling goods, but they started to forget the customer. “We are not right” – Sir Terry Leahy, who became CEO in 1997, customers were asking simple questions, which we have invested in things that are important to customers, for example, we have club card loyalty scheme and from the beginning .. , Our online home shopping service. 

The extra mile for customers is the key to our growth going on. We have clients’ lives easier and better in every way we can create. We appeal to every customer and want to return because of Tesco.

SMART goal setting:

This is a brief introduction, but very useful – Your goal should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound: 

Use of key performance indicators provides the first two criteria for achieving the goals, as well as all key indicators, by definition, must be specific and measurable.

Figure 1: SMART Goal SettingAchievable – you have ambitious goals that will inspire and motivate their employees to install, but at the same time deflating the risk, not hinder them, if set high. His most recent performance data for many years to look back at how the increase in productivity sense, you’ve seen before – it will give you the feeling that this is possible.TEJSHREE-PCUsersTejshreePicturesCapture.PNG

Realistic – Realistic goal setting will be for people to get to them is designed to be fair. Make sure you only areas that can affect your employees really ask for performance improvement. 

Time bound – people are much more rapid progress goals may be, if they date will be judged by which their progress will be understand.

(Source:, 2010)

Tesco UK owned 47 billion pounds (in the UK around £ 33 billion) is a company with revenues of supermarkets (Tesco, 2008a). Tesco in 1919 in East London was founded by Jack Cohen. Tesco individual performance management tools, the mixture are used. In this study, we changed the system Score Card that Tesco and aptly names as “wheel” will be discussed. Tesco wheel Kaplan and Norton (1996) is an extension, as it has been extended and community lies at the center of the element (Talking Tesco, 2009). This strategic vision based on corporate level strategic indicators is not. Tesco’s “Steering Wheel” is used Tesco executives whose main purpose are listed in Table 1 is achieved. The wheel itself is shown in Figure 2. Four dimensions, or sections, each section has its own set of goals. The author, having worked at Tesco knows every store green yellow and red color coding would like to measure these goals. Where green stands for the objectives are achieved, tasks that focus amber and red targets directly reflect the need to stand out. For example, in a shop, where the author is working to destroy the target set at 5% of income. If it is 4% down on the steering wheel, the goal may be green on the 5% if it will be redder and so on. He argued that the purpose of the telescope is not so (Witcher et al, 2008). Witcher et al., argue that in 2008, which produced a new position, or state, but it inspires and values, which stores the “target” are the basic management measures are not meant to Tesco. The steering wheel is primarily to corporate values and works to link individual objectives of each employee in the daily management of staff for an effective balance between these values have helped. Kaplan and Norton approach to the four wheels, but also has a complementary approach, the prospects of ‘community’ (Tesco, 2008b), as added in 2006. C:[email protected]

Source:, 2010

Figure 2: Tesco wheel all the targets that need to achieve their goals in order encapsulate

Strategic objectives

Tesco UK’s leading food retailers in England, Scotland and Wales, with more than 519 stores. In France there are 105 stores in operation Catteau, Hungary and 44 in global operations. Tesco agrees to: 

Offer the best value for money and customers the most competitive prices 

Continually strives to meet client needs, and their innovation, product quality, selection, shop and service feedback about performance 

Providing effective investments in its stores and distribution warehouses to improve profitability by increasing productivity of progressive return on investment, and shareholders and new technology

Effective management practices through training and development of talents of its people, while rewarding them with equal opportunities for all large 

Work closely with suppliers for long term business relationships based on strict criteria of quality and cost to build 

Health, nutrition, sanitation, safety, and welfare policies of the key issues of national food industry to take part in the construction 

Public support for welfare and environmental protection

Tools and methods for determining the goals of teamwork 

The main objective is the following two resources directly, Tesco’s own website and Witcher et al, 2008. Operating performance of the company Tesco Wheel output reporting purposes and on a quarterly basis at the board level, and then a summary report of staff in stores in spring 2000, is aimed at senior managers. The steering wheel is on the client or the hearts of people and the effectiveness of the approach as a strategic approach score card, which basically et al 1996, Kaplan suggested that the opposition uses. The aim is diagnosed in nature is devoted (Witcher et al, 2008). This is a daily measure of performance that can also be used for long-term strategic goals allows. Daily, weekly and monthly goals are reviewed regularly. Remuneration of senior management wheel is formed in accordance with their common goal attainment level with different bonuses. Group annual review of the wheel worked and goals can be changed and modified, depending on existing conditions, so that they continue to meet the needs of stakeholders Tesco. The important point is to make sure that the target suitable for display in shops and is decisive action. Purpose, Vision and the steering wheel go hand in hand and business performance management is complementary. Thus, the statement “objective” Tesco needs to understand where their “Rudder” reads.

The main purpose of Tesco value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty is done. 

Tesco success depends on people, People who make purchases with them and the people who work for them. I do not know what they offer, the more they come back to shop with them again is likely to have customers like you. Tesco team you think is useful; they are more inclined to go that extra mile to help them is customers. Two basic values are expressed as: 

– No one tries harder for customers, and treat others as we would like to be treated. 

We regularly for our customers and our employees with our stores and we are working with us that little bit better, you can ask. This is our strategy every little helps.

Monitoring activities to improve team performance 

Strategies to improve the performance team for the process of bottom-up approach. Communication is the basis of the strategy. If top management does not need motivation, coupled with strong communication channels, it can be difficult to any strategic systems and processes will be monitored. (Mabey, 2002). Therefore, Tesco have various channels for the free flow of information and presented a variety of checks and balances so as to balance the objectives Score Card is measured. For example, storage of documents on the level called ‘planning and review’ every employee what they think and the steering wheel for measure their performance against the five sections can use. This whole process encompasses the involvement of supervisors, team leaders and other managers during staff appraisals which are conducted twice a year (Talking Tesco, 2009). Tesco staff training program participated in a personal development plan (PDP) as the label is invited. Each employee develops its goals and measures that are compatible with the needs of the steering wheel, as it will be implemented. PDP folder, progress is monitored by staff estimates. The objectives of the work, identifying key dates and supporting materials provide guidance and employees in their daily and weekly meetings of the wheel so that staff can measure their contribution. Steering wheel for the purpose of organizational fitness is used to control the display is classified as of strategic approach. Steering wheel helps to strengthen the core competence of the organization and maintain a competitive advantage in the market allows workers (Prahlad and Hamel, 1990;. Teece et al., 1997).

Performance Monitoring Team 

Witcher et al (2008) Tesco adopted processing method based on balance score card after consideration of others implementation of a strategic model designed specifically for Tesco. Daily, monthly, quarterly and annual strategic management and the stages through which it is managed and controlled, as described below in Figure 3 encapsulates.

Figure 3: Components of Strategic Management: the POSIES Model

Source: Witcher et al, 2008

By Witcher et al (2008), Tesco Score Card transactions with the alignment and integration of factors focuses on human activities. This situation directly, as people (workers and communities) to people that they should try to impress, and does not work. Steering wheel helps the management of all structures at all levels, based on objectives and results analysis. Data on the classical key (plan how to check the law) PDCA Deming proposed uses (1986), for further consideration, which puts emphasis on all levels. Kaplan et al (1996) emphasize the great importance in the management of the executive overview of assessment maps and all Kaizan principle, i.e. a continuous improvement must be working at an experimental stage. Tesco recurring weekly or monthly basis to discuss operational are issues of strategic issues on a quarterly basis at meetings of the leaders more time in the future. Balance score card development, in accordance with the classical point of view. Tesco in Japan Western organizations such as the arrival of their latest models (Witcher et al, 2008).

Personal dynamic impact on their commitment to the security action

Commitment to their employees to take action to achieve the effect of the Tesco chief executive at all levels of the organization is distilled. From any effective strategic action by top-level control is directed to. Tesco in the current owners, as well as various awards and an unprecedented level of success, taking Tesco industry earned in respect of their employees. Sir Terry Leahy, 1979 and prepare the company to introduce Club (loyalty card) card scheme has already joined the man behind a huge success. He is a figure that captures the imagination of every employee, as it is formed from a humble beginning in Tesco. He started as a mere marketing and was promoted to the rank of. Trade, Industry, UK is a great honor. In 2003 he was selected as “Business Leader of the Year” (Manchester, 2009). Guardian newspaper once rated him as the most influential non-elected person in Britain in 2007. It’s widely among his colleagues as a visionary leader believes that effective management of their organization includes methods for the show (Tesco, 2009b). Regardless of his troops under his command them to do. 

Perhaps the most important decisions ever made by the retail giant, dedication and loyalty card schemes have been initiated. Prior to this, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer to Tesco (Tesco, 2009) were behind the plate. The plan, which has never been used before the introduction of Tesco in the organization of influence and persuasion skills requires a lot. Not only has that, but the safety of the workforce or obligation to complete the difficult task that Sir Terry Leahy had excellent performance. Since 1997, under the leadership of Sir Lee Tesco non-food, telecommunications, financial expanded into the UK remains the major supermarkets. These efforts are properly (Chartered Management Institute) CMI, visionary and practical leadership of Sir Terry Leahy was awarded the gold medal was recognized. Jo Causon, marketing director for corporate affairs in the Chartered Management Institute said: “Change and global brand drive speed control and management have a significant impact on the appearance of Sir Terry Leahy’s vision and commitment to customers worldwide a high level of service to maintain their energy and a real impact on business results is a testament to the commitment.” (CIM, 2009)


Prior to his work during the four learning outcomes, as indicated above Tesco tried to explore and discovered that because of the visionary leadership and innovative measures of management efficiency, Tesco in the retail industry, high grade and still growing. Four learning outcomes and the balance of the purposes of registration cards are accepted through the Tesco system to verify a target. Tesco uses different forward with control and monitoring system “Steering wheel” in order to facilitate the implementation of its goals. Moral of the different motivational techniques is to make production more labor generated by members of the team. These teams of employees through training and development include the promotion of experience sharing and encourage success through profit sharing. And finally, all the important strategic leadership is discussed. It is argued that without the visionary leadership of management Tesco would not enjoy the benefits that it is enjoying today. Despite the large supermarkets, Tesco and more diversified portfolio and the author continues to expand, working in the store, make sure that this trend will continue in the near future.

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