Report Of Business Organizations Tesco And Oxfam Business Essay

Term of Reference: I have investigated two organizations 20/10/10 one from profit sector which is Tesco and one from non profit sector which is Oxfam.

Procedure: I am going to collect relevant material of these two by using internet and textbooks.

FINDINGS: I have chosen two contrasting organizations TESCO and Oxfam.

Tesco is a shopping mart where we can purchase our essential things. It can also be define as a global grocery and general merchandising vendor headquartered in UK. Sir Jack Cohen founded Tesco in 1919, when he began to sell extra food stuff from a stall in the East End of London. Tesco first appeared above a shop in Edgware in 1929 and since then the company has grown and developed. Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world measured by income Tesco private limited corporation (PLC) is the biggest super mart in UK which has 29% of shares in market compared to other companies like asda which has 17% shares in market. PLC private limited company and don’t allow its shares for sale publically. Plc company makes profit more than public companies. A Plc company has no limits of share and share capital and there is no limit to the members’ liability because there is no limitation on members’ liability

Purpose of Tesco is to make money and invest and sale quality products. And provide reliable materials to consumers.

Why do Tesco exist? Tesco exist to provide the goods and services that people and earning money and profits from business .it provides jobs for people the Tesco provides daily need products . Products that customers demand like food, clothes, Home electircs,Sound and vision ,Bed and bath, Furniture and kitchen, Clothing and jewellery, Toys and gift, Baby and toddlers, Garden needs.

Products and services supplied at profit, at cost and below cost. Tesco is getting profit by introducing new brands and also selling goods at lease.tehy are getting profit on products by supplying them to other countries and at whole sale. They can sell products by introducing off packages to customers at low prices for a specific duration which means to make them as a regular customers to gain profit in future. And also out of seasons sale which shows selling at low cost.

Objectives of TESCO are as tesco is UK’s finest food retailers having 519 stores in England, Wales, and Scotland. And 105 stores in France managed by wine producer and 44 in Hungary managed by international. Tesco offers best reasonable prices. Tesco meets the need of customers opinions regarding advance product quality, choice, store facilities and service Tesco is the main profitable investment with progressive return. Tesco is introducing young talents and sound management of workers and training practices and giving job on marit basis not by personal relations.Tesco maintaining its relationships with product maker’s supplier on quality and price criteria. Tesco is co operating on making of food in industry. also Providing good environment and protection.


can be defined as Employee or executive who has the principle responsibility for a business, or project The public sector in this type of ownership only British people can get ownership in Tesco to gain profit.

Sole Traders controlled and financed by one person. Least expensive form of ownership to organize. Sole proprietors receive all income generated by the business to keep or reinvest.

Partnerships contains 2 -20 members who share their assets and profits from business.

Public Limited Companies (PLCs) shares to the general public it contains Minimum of 2 but no maximum number of shareholders

Private Limited Companies contains financed and controlled by between 2 and 50 shareholders.

Franchises .A business which has bought the right to trade under established name in different cities.e.g McDonalds, KFC.

Co-operatives it contains Groups of people who enter business and share the benefits customers Co-operatives, Producer Co-operatives, Worker Co-operatives.

Charitable trust for helping famines and collect funds from rich .and also receives funds from GOVT.


It is a trouble reliever organization which includes 14 countries organization with 3,000 partners in around 100 countries to decrease poverty and injustice .It can be define as an International organization which helps and provide training and financial aid to people in developing countries and disaster areas. A UK based organization which was established in the 1942. Oxfam is campaigns, development program and emergency response by co operation of internationally connected associations. Oxfam international was formed in 1995 by an independent non government organization.


Works with local partner organization

And helps poor and poverty. And realizing

People Their rights e.g. education, health


Oxfam provides life saving aids during

Emergency and help people for




Putting the pressure on leaders to make long lasting change

Oxfam International is group of 13 independent association contains Germany Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, , Great Britain, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland, The Netherlands, Quebec, Spain and the United States.

Why Oxfam exist? Oxfam exists to make a global impact on the causes of poverty. Today mostly countries areas are facing problems and Oxfam is the most efficient organization to help them. Campaign initiatives, planning and putting into practice new tactics and strategies to spread climate change.oxfam is trying to make relationships globally with international NGOs to develop prosperity.

Objectives of OXFAM: Relieve suffering caused by natural disasters.Oxfam supports peace and understanding based upon mutual tolerance and respect. Strengthen people’s capacity to help them. Oxfam works for trade justice, fair trade, education and aid, health, HIV/AIDS, conflict ,campaigning and natural disasters, human rights, and climate change.

Oxfam’s International purpose.

The main purposes of Oxfam are Promote, assist and manage relationship between the Oxfam international to do help all disasterd people globall.and earning name at international level And removing poverty OXFAM has its committee in different countries which are as under Oxfam GB (Great Britain) .Oxfam Canada.Oxfam America.

Oxfam GB (Great Britain) independent non-profit organization is the biggest family for help and has large capacity of workers and income for famines . In UK OXFAM GB was originated in 1942.

Oxfam Canada is first member of Oxfam International, and was developed in at start Canada Oxfam faced troubles soon Canada began to analyse its role in the development process.

OXFAM in AMERICA an independent non-profit organization was developed in America in 1970 and fight for independence and shelter.

Advantages of Oxfam are they don’t have to pay tax. they get ready to help other. they receive money from businessman and Government.

TESCO Stakeholder

Stakeholder can be defined as a person, group or organization that has direct and indirect position in organization. It is affected by organization’s rules, polices and decisions.

Tesco has many stakeholders. Government, Customers, Employees, Local Community, Suppliers, and Pressure Groups: they all have equal importance in building of Tesco Customers. Usually a customer wants quality goods at a low cost. They would also want a variety of products to choose from key holders

Diagram of stakeholder in organization










Key stakeholders in a business organization

Customers. These are the people who buy products from shops and to save lives of needy people. Customers want reliable products and at low prices.

Employees it’s how you manage in any situation; understand the customer; be first with the customer use your strength to deliver unbeatable value and look after the staff so they can look after the customer, teamwork trust and respect.

Directors they are responsible for business objectives and managing all strategic decisions .director holds discussion at board meetings. Where they make strategy for improving business,

Managers they are responsible for obtaining goals creating atmosphere of work among workers, each manager has handles accounting, law marketing, and sales production.

Suppliers they supply products at commercial level like banking .they supply goods to different branches.

Owners they are the business, assets holder, and pay the workers. Pressure groups not put up candidates for election, but seeks to influence government policy rules.

Trade union’s function is discuss pay and working conditions and creates discipline among workers

Employee Associations they set up pay packages and employees for resolving argument.

Stakeholders of Oxfam

Stakeholder can be defined as a person, group or organization that has direct and indirect position in organization. It is affected by organization’s rules, polices and decisions.

Volunteers they are the workers who help in building Oxfam’s strength. Volunteering is a personal

Choice, not a compulsory job. Express values in activities that are meaningful. And co operates for helping in medicine, education, or emergency rescue.

Campaign supporters

The Individuals, celebrities, politicians and organizations across the run campaign for collecting funds and to remove illiteracy and poverty.

Individual donors this types of donors can make decisions faster, they mostly work in under developed countries to make them growing countries, and feel this easy to work alone. Donate personally money, clothes for removing poverty.

Customers are the main participant in organization. They help by buying food, drinks, and also help organization by used drink bottles and wrappers for recycling and make collection for Oxfam. Without their involvement it is not possible collecting money for Oxfam.

Employees they are workers of Oxfam and work in flood relieving, food preparation, palcing people in save places when they get infected.

Pressure groups they help in protesting if Government is not funding properly.ank manage strike on roads, institutes, cites and encourage people for infected ‘s help from Govt.


Board of Directors

Finance department

Marketing sales department

Production department

Finance manager


Marketing manager

Area sales manager

Sales staff

Production manager

Production supervisor

Production workers

Human resource department

Human resource manager

Clerical assistant

ICT department

Board of directors people are the people of tesco who have decision-making rights, voting rights specific responsibilities which in each case are separate and distinct from the authority and responsibilities of owners and managers of the business entity.

Finance department is responsible of balance sheets, profit and loss of tesco and responsible to keep records of fund and all planning of Tesco financial income and loss.

Finance manager duties are to make investment sheets ,financial reports, activities, and implement cash management strategies.

Accountant helps managers to make reports, investments (savings), and tax implementations. Handles profit loss details, cost production, financial statements.

Marketing sales department function is to understand user’s needs and fulfil requirements with quality of goods and also pay attention to their demands and fulfil that correctly.

Sales manager sales out products and provide services to the customer for the profit and want to become finest retailer. They ake products available for all customers.

Production Tesco is to make sure that the goods of Tesco are formed on time and is in a suitable quality for the customers. And maintain furniture.

Production manager’s duty is to handle all kind of goods preparation demands and duration when product will get ready for customers and at given time and at exact time and standard.

Production workers made goods according to the user demands and works exactly in uniform way. They have to know all about what customer wants and what kind of material should use.

Human resources keep hold of good experienced staff and only choose hardworking employees and They deal with the recruitment, employees, planning, training and paying to employees.

ICT (International Computers and Tabulators) its main function is to check that all data of Tesco is stored properly. All computer software are working, all business websites are accessing.(


Oxfam ambassadors

Political counsellors

Deputy Chief of mission

Defence attached

Economic counsellor

Public affairs

Chief security assistant

Administrative counsellor


Counsellor office

Agency representatives

Director Peace Corps

Ambassadors are the highly ranked representative within a nation for other organization. and directly linked by Government.

Political counsellors/ Deputy Chief of mission/ Defence attached they all are directly attached with ambassador an communicate all society problem with each other and make decisions

Director is a group of people nominated by the owners of a business who have decision-making authority, voting authority specific responsibilities which in each case is separate and distinct from the authority and responsibilities of owners and managers of the business entity

Deputy Chief of missionHe or she acts like a ambassador in absence of chief of mission. He handles matter in absence of chief of mission Political, Economic, Public Affairs, Management) at the Embassy,.

Director Peace Corps US company that sends American volunteers to developing countries for educational, agricultural improvements.

Tesco Mission and values

Planning, calculating and the passing of information form rival is called mission. Tesco’s mission is to earn profit and sale pure goods. And to sale goods online by using website and public dealing in good manner to make regular customers and create significance for customers to earn their lifetime reliability.


Values of an organization defines it standards. They show Respect to each others Try to give their best.

Want to be energetic and fit.

Tesco strategies to become are successful international trader, to become famous business party. To be good food provider to put community at the heart of what we do.

Objectives Tesco increasing customers by offering buy 1 gets 1 free. Tesco offers best reasonable prices. Tesco meets the need of customers opinions regarding advance, product quality, choice, store facilities and service Tesco is the main profitable investment with progressive return. Tesco is introducing young talents and sound management of workers and training practices and giving job on merit basis not by personal relations. Tesco maintaining its relationships with supplier (product makers) on strict quality and price criteria.Tesco is co operating on making of food in industry. Provides good environment and protection

Strategic Planning Tesco is trying to make shopping easy and comfortable. Seeking to low price to help people Lessing prices.

Smart objectives of Tesco

Specific Tesco wants to make profit its sale.

Measurable Tesco is leading in business by its major shares in market.

Achievable Tesco achieve its goal by increasing its customers and making profits.

Tesco has achieved it by good quality products.

Realistic Tesco is third big company in world.

OXFAM Mission

It acts for attitudinal change to facilitate in development, socially and economically. It helps famine and giving life to them. Values satisfactory behavior within organization. Behavior of individuals within the organization. And Flexible commitment. Use time and resources efficiently

Strategic aims and objectives Oxfam works for trade justice, fair trade, education and aid, health, HIV/AIDS, conflict ,campaigning and natural disasters, human rights, and climate change. and supporting children by educating them and providing food.

Oxfam strategic planning process Oxfam is world’s 3rd largest nonprofit organization and Oxfam strategic planning process is to works for the removal of poverty. To fight homelessness and also for the development of undeveloped area and for progress of organization.

Smart objectives of Oxfam

Specific Reducing Poverty is specific objective.

Measurable Oxfam is responding to 26 emergency situations worldwide.

Relevant skills Oxfam is finding people who have skills to tackle problems.

Time-based Oxfam includes 14 countries union working in more than 100 countries.

M1 Point of Views of different stakeholders

Directors the business through meetings with top managers and managing stretegies for progress of tesco.Employees should work hard on making good quality products that will make profit and also increase pay and conditions of Employees and also helpful for safety, health and pension arrangements.

Customer’s views are to getting latest brands and saving by low price products.

D1 Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organization

Stakeholders stand for great influence in organization. Developing countries employees make fashionable clothes and brands to exert little power over their employer’s to give them jobs and getting new products.

Owners are the organization’s main stakeholders and gain profit and pays all bills and wages to workers and remain profit shares with shareholders

directors pay attention to make strategy and decisions regarding organization Government influences by law rights to change behaviour of environmental or health and safety. Employees exert main role in business profit or loss. When the economy is active they work hard and make extra products.

Customers also create great influence within an organization by purchasing products from store or online at low prices.


I was given an Assignment of two contrasting organizations Tesco and Oxfam. I found that both organizations are serving better in their departments and both are for people. in both organizations stake holder are more important participant because if you don’t have too many stake holder and your profitable and non profitable organizations will not succeed in their missions.


I would like to recommend the both different organization one is profit gaining Tesco and nonprofits gaining Oxfam have good customer connection because Oxfam is an international charity which is focused on fighting poverty and providing them shelter.and Tesco is providing daily needs products for customers and also providing funds to Oxfoam so that they can participate in decreasing poverty. So both plays important role for customers.

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