Reflective And Analytical Report On Students Mba Learning Education Essay

I have been studying MBA since more than 2 months and now according to me I am capable to answer this question with all the intellect I got during this study. Since the day I was over with Higher Secondary Education and got 3 years degree in Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com), I had decided to take over MBA after my graduation as I was always interested in capturing all the knowledge related to Business. Being the daughter of Businessman the interest of pursuing a Business program had always lingered in my mind since childhood and knew that I was having the relevant knowledge and experience to excel this course.

MBA meaning Masters of Business Administration it’s very helpful in grabbing the processes that have been involved in Business. During our studies we have been and going to be taught various tactics. For example, how a Business can be established and explored further to make it successful and fully propelled. Our professor provides us with the various techniques that proved to be really helpful for us in our carrier. We have been given both theoretical as well as practical knowledge during the lectures. They inform us in detail, how success can be achieved in a field? What the basic things that is necessary for the carrier? What are rules to be followed while running the business? Etc. These are the basic question with which we deal during our studies and they have been proved very efficient for us. And it will be really helpful in my carrier path in by getting employed in one of the biggest Multinational Company in future. To enhance it more I choose UK because it offers world renowned education system. Studying master’s degree at an international university would put me in the elite band of people thriving for success.

1.2 Future Goals

After completing my MBA I wish to establish a business of my own as I want to consume all the knowledge that I will gather during my learning. While setting the business my whole concentration will be on the success of the business. I wished to be named amongst the top business associates and for that I have to put in all the efforts that I can, not only in business but also the studies that I am pursuing at the moment. The focus is very clear in my mind from the first day itself that I can I achieve it that I am wishing for. Though I already have taken a few steps toward my goal but still there are many things in which I think I am lagging behind and I know I have to fill these voids as soon as possible. The point at which I am standing right know is the beginning of the destination that I want to reach and contain all the precious things that I am wishing for , and I am going to follow this path itself so that I can reach to the destination. I know it will not at all be easy to cover it ease as I can see the obstacles in the path but this is what we have been taught , how to cover these hurdles. MBA itself contains a very encouraging and energetic word in it and the word is MASTERS; a person is said to be a masters only then when he has every minute detail of his subject and this is what I want to be. I wish to see myself sitting in the chair of CEO of my company and see my company flourishing.

This is what I wish to achieve in next few years of my life and I know that I am on the right path.

ST10006119 People and Organisation Manmeet Kaur

Reflection On Action

2.1 Practical Problems in Completing the Assignment

I personally experience following problems in completing assignment and tasks:

I am usually a slow starter. This is when I need to complete an assignment or task and if I do have sufficient time to complete it, then I usually make a slow start. In beginning I tend to focus too much on quality (more than required). Due to this sometime I do not make enough progress initially. And thus when deadline approaches I lose my schedule.

When I am studying a particular course in curriculum, then in what details I would study that course do not depend upon its weightage in exam. Instead I prefer to expertise in course which seems logical and of practical utility to me. It had happened in past that I sometime I have ignored the topics which do not interest me but are important from exam point of view. And thus I have scored less in that particular exam although I strongly believe that I have good knowledge of that course.

When presenting my idea I come to the point directly, I usually do not care much about the presentation aspect. For instance I do not focus much on the target audience.

As I am emotional person I easily get carried away with the emotions which disturb my mental level and its impact directly comes on my task.

Home sickness is another problem as being far from our family and home sometimes makes me feel lonely and it becomes the biggest obstacles while doing any task, as talking with family on Skype or on phone consumes my maximum time, which I should devote to my assignment.

2.2 Strategies to Reduce the Impact of These Problems

I think that a better planning of time will help me to reduce the impact of these problems. I shall make a proper plan with defined timelines. Through this approach I believe I can handle the issue of accumulated backlog in the end. If I have a defined timelines then whenever I get a lot involved in a particular step then I can quickly move ahead of that step so as to get myself aligned with the plan.

Also this similar strategy, if executed properly, will help me to balance the time I allocate to various topic while preparing for the exam. I shall make a proper plan including timeline by which I shall wrap up a topic. And I shall stick to the plan as close as possible. And if in the end I feel that I have saved some time then, I can go back to the topics which fascinated me and I can study them with more details.

While presenting my ideas, I shall take care of the nature of target audience. This will help me to present my idea in a form through which they can understand the idea. Also, I shall make my presentation more attractive so that I can hold the audience.

ST10006119 People and Organisation Manmeet Kaur

Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory

This theory was introduced in 1983 which gave a new way of looking towards intelligence.

Gardner is a Harvard professor who won a MacArthur ”genius” grant. According to him every person has different set of ability and intelligence; it’s not possible that every person has single intelligence. In this theory Gardner identifies 7 intelligences they are:

Linguistic – these are those people who like to tell stories, write, read and are capable to communicate easily by both writing and orally. They learn by saying, hearing and easily memorize names, place and a person. They use tapes, recording, computers, and games to learn.

Musical – these learners are sensitive to sound and rhythm, they sing, listens to music, hum songs, play instrument. There best way of learning is music, rhythm and melody. They use radio, CD-ROMs and musical instrument to learn.

Logical Mathematical – these people love to play and learn with numbers and are of higher thinkers. They love to do reasoning, logical and mathematic problems. They learn by classifying and categorizing.

Visual – Spatial – these people learn by graphical image. They like to do day dreaming, watching movies, drawing, designing etc. they are good at imagining, reading maps, sensing. The best way of their learning is by recognising colours, pictures, dreaming and visualising and the method or tool of their learning are picture, chart, multimedia, 3-D Modelling, videos and television.

Body-Kinesthetic – these students use body movements as there learning or expressing style. The best way of their learning is by interacting, moving, using body language, talking and touching

Interpersonal – they easily interact with people, have lots of friends and easily understand people. These people have a habit of learning in a group by sharing, relating and comparing each other’s ideas. They love doing discussion in group, attending seminars and interviews. They can best learn by e-mails, video conferencing and sitting in groups.

Intrapersonal – they know there on interest and goal and can easily understand themselves. They motivate themselves, work alone, have strong willpower and are self-dependent. The best way of their learning is to sit alone, work them self and should have their own space. The best tool they should use is privacy, books, dairies and creative material.

Gardner specifies that every person has the potential in all the above intelligences

ST10006119 People and Organisation Manmeet Kaur

2.4 Guidelines for training

There are many ways of making the training more effective and good, trainer should be well known to the teaching material before giving training. Tasks which are more complex should be divided in small units so that work is not overburdened. All questions should be treated with respect as egos and self-steams are risk in teaching areas.

2.5 Conclusion of Gardner’s theory

Every leaner should have its own personalise learning style, so that they can make their learning more efficient and effective. Even trainer should also be aware of the learning style of their students so that they can make alteration in their teaching style in order to provide students with best learning style. Gander’s specific with his intelligence that how person responds to the outside world, and by putting ourselves in each of the above seven intelligence we can classify in which intelligence do we fall

2.6 Critical Evaluation of Gardner’s Theory of Learning with Personal Reference

From the above style I can clearly classify that I fall in an Interpersonal Intelligence, I am the person who can learn with sharing ideas which can be done by studying in groups of friends, interacting with more and more people, by sending and receiving e-mails and joining groups. I have a great leadership qualities and I can work better in groups and even can head my group.

ST10006119 People and Organisation Manmeet Kaur

3. Action Planning

3.1 Personal development plan – short term, medium term and long term

What is my goal?

How will I plan to achieve my goal?

When I will achieve my goal?

Who will support me to achieve my goal?

Performance evaluation

Short term goal

To achieve my MBA degree

By attending my lectures, completing my projects and assignment by my own understanding and submitting them before time.

I am working on my goal and it will be achieved by year 2012

I will achieve my goal with the support of my faculties and along with that I need to put my own efforts.

My goal can be measured and it will be achieved when I will get my MBA degree.

Medium-term goal

To work in a Multi-national company as a manager

After being an MBA before going towards my long term goal I need to gain some experience by working in a multinational company.

After my degree I will start working towards my goal, it will take about few years to achieve my particular goal.

With the support of my friends, family and the knowledge I have gain while my studies I can achieve it.

As I am a fresher so working in a multi-national company will be a great and challenging experience of my life.

Long term goal

To run my own business as a CEO and as project manager in my company.

After gaining an experience will be that much capable to start my own business.

This is one of my biggest goals, as it is long term so it will take a long time and with my efforts I will complete it by year 2021.

I need my father’s support as he is itself is the business man. And my own work experience will also help me in my business.

Entering in my own business is just like entering in a new phase in my life and I believe I will successfully attain my long term goal.

3.2 Justification of Plan

As to reach upstairs with need to climb each ladder which comes in our way in the same way to reach to my main long term goal I need to go through to medium and short term goals. Each goal is the base to the other next goal; it can be explained by the following diagram:

I am very ambitious person and very focused towards my goal. in my school days itself I have decided that I had to do my MBA from United Kingdom and I started preparing myself for that and at time I reached to my final year graduation result I was all set to next plan of my MBA in UWIC. I set my goals and I complete it on a correct time, similarly the goals and plans which I have set now will surely be fulfilled with the help of my faculties, parents, friends and last not the least with my own efforts and knowledge which I will gain while studying my MBA. I have

ST10006119 People and Organisation Manmeet Kaur

to be very specified to each of my goal, firstly I need to get an MBA degree which is my short term goal and a base to my other two goals because the moment I will get my degree then my next step will be to get a good job in an multinational company as my mid-term goal, there I need to gain maximum knowledge and experience which will give me job satisfaction and with this experience I have to move towards my main goal of my life is to establish my own business just like my role model who is my father and along with my experience I need my father’s help and guidance to fulfil my dream.

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