Mission And Key Objectives Of Fonterra Marketing Essay

Is a provider of nearly all essential nutrients for people. It is the richest dietary source of calcium and also contributes many other essential nutrients including protein, vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and zinc. At Fonterra, dairy is our passion – it’s who we are and what we do best. With over 100 years of New Zealand expertise in developing nutritious dairy products, Fonterra Brands is dedicated to discovering new ways to deliver the unique health and wellness benefits of dairy (Source: www.dairyintakes.com).

Tip Top ice cream has a big demand in the market, it is currently drenched with a variety of products and TIP TOP is in the market with practically no local brand awareness. To detain market share, TIP TOP must create plus cultivate a physically powerful product image. This statement fact the best routes to attain this. At the outset, to appeal to Auckland market, the company should display a more modern label and tub than what presently exists.

An study of the present competition for TIP TOP is presented that focuses on three of the most accepted ice creams sold in Auckland today. Using SWOT analysis, the particular strengths and weaknesses of TIP TOP into the light of this contest are examined. Key pressure and key opportunities are recognized, for instance, there is tough dispute for TIP TOP but its unique taste and quality well for success definitely a significant market opportunity for attractively priced ice cream (Source: www.tiptop.co.nz)

particular recommendations for action pursue that highlight the need for a strong product icon, well-defined positioning approach and slogans, affordability pricing, and select supply locations. captivating into account that TIP TOP is a high quality product targeted at the fashionable market segment consisting of equally kids and teenagers and adults school students and a wide range of advertising strategies is then obtainable.


Fonterra is the world’s primary exporter of dairy products and liable for more than a third of worldwide dairy trade. Fonterra’s dairy farmers have extensive been identified for producing excellence ice cream and other dairy products in today’s market. New Zealand is a global chief in large-scale milk procurement and dealing out. Fonterra’s global supply chain stretches from farms all over New Zealand to customers and consumers in more than 140 countries.

“Fonterra’s vision is to be the natural source of dairy nutrition for all young and old, everywhere, every day”. Fonterra is a global chief in dairy nutrition – the chosen merchant of dairy ingredients to many of the world’s foremost food companies. Fonterra is also a market chief with our own consumer dairy brands in Australia/New Zealand, Asia/Africa, (Source: www.fonterra.co.nz).

The farmer-owned New Zealand supportive is the largest processor of milk in the planet, producing more than two million tonnes of dairy ingredients, worth added dairy ingredients, specialty ingredients and consumer goods every year. Representation on generations of dairy qualifications, Fonterra is one of the largest investors in dairy based investigate and advance in the world.

Fonterra’s 16,000 employees work across the dairy scale from advising farmers on sustainable farming and milk production, to ensure we live up to demanding quality principles and delivering every day on our purchaser promise in more than 100 markets approximately the world. As part of our commitment to providing “TIP TOP Fonterra offers dairy products that meet the different health and wellness needs of our consumers’ all around the world. This is based on a belief in quality products, sound science and ‘doing what’s right’ by their consumers.

various of the marketing strategies are geared toward the prestigious market of dairy shops and local supermarkets. Internet marketing is essential today and a suggestion for implementing this such as website design plus examines methods of how to improve the quantity and quality of interchange to the website. Lastly, suitable methods to evaluate the achievement of the marketing operation are particular plus a campaign budget and a timetable that recommends dates for the choice of stages of the promotional efforts. TIP TOP determination acquires a controlling product image and a very vigorous market share in the close future (Source: www.fonterra.co.nz).


What Mother Nature creates, Fonterra enhances to carry the best of the dairy’s goodness to generations of consumers and patrons around the planet. It’s our life’s work. The mission statement for Fonterra is:

“We are dedicated to upholding Fonterra’s standards, while maintaining the leadership position in the dairy industry when delivering advanced customer service in a significantly efficient and profitable manner, We create a culture where employees share best practices dedicated to coaching and developing our organization as an employer of choice.” (Sourece: www.fonterramissionstatement.co.nz).

“Everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission:

To Refresh the World…..in body, mind, and spirit.

To Inspire Moments of Optimism…..through our brands and our actions.

To Create Value and Make a Difference…..everywhere we connect.”

The key objectives for Fonterra Company are:

To stay at the head as the market leader in innovative product introductions and successful product launches.

To strengthen and satisfy the needs of the more adventurous generation of consumers with a new eye-catching and functional product.

To become the market leader in the dairy products segment with increased markets shares.

Operational objective is to remain one of the lowest costs, sustainable dairy cooperatives in the planet.

Construct trust partnerships with customers by being a multi-origin merchant, allowing us to construct more precious relationships during supply chain addition and improvement.

Make Fonterra foodstuffs the primary option of patrons and consumers everywhere we do business.

Fonterra aims for global dairy industry leadership.

The company strives to be the lowest cost supplier of commodity dairy products, the leading price and inventory manger in the large-scale commodity market,

An effective developer of dairy ingredients partnerships in preferred markets,

A leading speciality milk components trendsetter and solutions provider,

A leading consumer nutritional milks marketer,

And to be a leading dairy marketer to foodservice in key markets.

(Source: www. fonterra.co.nz).


TIP TOP have long been known for producing quality ice cream and other dairy foodstuffs and today New Zealand is a world chief in large-scale of ice cream procurement and processing. Our universal supply chain stretches from farms all over New Zealand to patrons and clients in more than 140 countries. Fonterra’s is made up of NZ$14.1 billion assets with annual turnover of NZ$16 billion, total ice cream production in New Zealand of 14.76 billion litres, sales volume of 2.31 million metric tonnes and 15600 employees (Source: www. fonterrafinancialstatement.co.nz).

Ever since Fonterra Co-operative Group was created in 2001, we have developed into the world’s largest dairy exporter with nearly 11,000 shareholders. The company 95 per cent of our New Zealand made dairy products to our consumers and patrons in more than 140 countries. The milk tankers accumulate approximately 14 billion litres of milk every year. Fonterra’s marketing objectives is to:

Increase the market share by 15% from $4.52 to

Fonterra wants to pour another $260 million (RMB 1,250,000,000) into trebling milk manufacture at its Darfield location with a innovative dryer vying to the largest in New Zealand.

Fonterra has the second dryer built by 2015 as the current $200m (RMB 1,000,000,000) site, still being constructed, it is expected to be at complete ability in subsequently.

The 650-hectare (9,750mu) location 3.5 kilometres from the Canterbury city of Darfield is being extended to produce extra complete milk powder because Canterbury leads dairy increase countrywide.

To increase milk production by 6per cent to 7 per cent a year in the state compared among 3per cent to 4 per cent countrywide by the end of financial year 2012.

Increase unit sales by 10% from $8.75 per kg MS to $7.00per kg MS by the mid of the financial year 2013.

Thus increase the total sales volume by 15% from 2.49 million metric tonnes to 2.69 million metric tonnes.

Increase milk production in New Zealand by 15% from 15.75 billion litres to 15.85 billion litres by the mid of the financial year 2013.

To increase net profit after tax range from 2012 financial year is currently forecast to be in the range of $400-$440 million, equating to 70-80 cents per share.

The updated forecast Payout range for this year combines an unchanged forecast Milk Price of $8.00 per kg MS and a forecast Distributable Profit range of $280-$330 million, equating to 50-60 cents per share – 20 cents higher than the previous forecast in February 2012. The target range for the dividend (to be paid out of Distributable Profit) is unchanged at 25-30 cents per share.

(Source: www.fonterrafinancialstatement.co.nz


Marketing strategies is made up of 7p’s and they are product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence.


The price of an item is clearly and important determinant of the value of sales made. A companies pricing policy will vary according to the market shares and fluctuation of the circumstances. Given that Pricing is one of the most important element of the marketing mix, as it is the simply the only mix, which generates a turnover for the organization. value must maintain elements of the mix. Pricing is complicated and must reflect supply and demand correlation.

The price is $4.99 per 2litre tub of TIP TOP booysens berry ripple gives a competitive edge and will facilitate penetration for its targeted market segment. Penetration pricing is the price charged for the product will be officially set low in order to gain market share and once this is achieved, the price will be increased. Therefore, this case showed that setting a price high encourages the market to perceive the products as having a higher quality than lower period products of the similar type. Consumers are willing to pay more for a product that they perceive as superior. Using a similar pricing strategy, Fonterra is having the edge over TIP TOP because its price is slightly lower.


TIP TOP boysons berry ripple ice cream provides kids and teenagers with all the goodness of milk in a convenient tub of ice cream. .TIP TOP has no artificial colours or flavours and has only 10% of fat.

The best news is that ICE CREAM can offer you the same nutrients as regular milk and it will be less in sugar with the same taste of any other ice cream in the market ice cream is good for a lot of things, like on a hot day you have an ice cream it will cool you down, when kids have a sore throat they can eat TIP TOP ice cream.

TIP TOP has 465kj of energy per 2 litre tub.0.9g of protein,10.1g sugar,40mg sodium and 14.2g carbohudrate,3.1g saturated and only 5.5g of fat.TIP TOP is made of cream milk,

Sugar, water glucose,syrup,milk,solids non fat emulsifiers, vegetable gums coco powder, corn syrup and rising agents.


The making of TIP TOP takes place at the factory in 113 CARBINE ROAD MT WELLINGTON AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND. At the factory all different flavours of ice cream is made and stored in tubs and cones all different types. Once the production is complete then the ice creams are packed and transported to wholesalers and large retail stores around NEW ZEALAND by trucks they are also been transported to dairy’s and small retail stores.

TIP TOP will ultimately be distributed throughout Auckland.TIP TOP is brand geared towards a advanced end market and to consumers who are increasingly becoming wellbeing conscious.

They will facilitate the branding of TIP TOP as premium ice cream.

This will persuade word of mouth publicity emphasizing the lasting memory of having the best ice cream NEW ZEALAND.


Promotion is the activity, which the firm undertakes to communicate and promote products to the target market. The main objective of promotion is to:

Build Awareness – New goods are regularly unknown to a marketplace, which means preliminary promotional efforts must focus on establishing an identity. In this circumstances the marketer should focus on promotion to: 1) effectively reach patrons, and 2) tell the market who they are and what they include to offer.

generate interest by affecting a customer from awareness of a merchandise to making a buy can present a considerable test.

Provide Information – promotion is intended to assist customers in the search phase of the purchasing process. The product that competes in an presented market, informational endorsement may be used to help with a invention positioning strategy.

Encourages Demand – The right promotion can drive patrons to make a purchase. In the case of goods that a shopper has not before purchased or has not purchased in a long time, the promotional efforts may be bound for at getting the consumer to try the product.

Highlight the product – Once a purchase is complete, a vendor can use promotion to assist build a physically powerful relationship that can direct to the client suitable an devoted purchaser

The promotional strategies for TIP TOP consists of advertising; promotional ads and free sampling.


Kids do not read newspapers much or neither listen to the radio now days. As a result our main converge for mass media advertising will be billboards television and bus stands. The advertising on television will be shown during cartoon time when kids are watching TV and also at nite when its family time. The logo for TIP TOP brings families together for a hot summer to have fun and spend time. It is a desert used in most of the functions.

Through outdoor advertising by having billboards all around South Auckland will be large and similar types of advertisements will be placed on the internet and other conventional sites to increase visitors to the company site as well as making money online as well.


Customer connection Management (CRM) incentives such as additional benefit points every $10.00 spent in store the customer would receive 1 point For example having 10points the consumer would receive a free 2litre tub of any tip top ice cream. There will also be a draw for a play station 3.

Free samples (aka. Sampling) e.g. tasting of foodstuff and drink at sampling points in stores and on the beach on a hot day will promote people to buy more.

Competitions and reward draws, in the media, magazines, on the television and broadcasting, on The Internet, and on packs. Vouchers and coupons, regularly seen in the media and magazines or on packs will enable consumers to go in competition to win huge prizes such as win travel trips.


Sponsoring or hosting social events can be an additional useful way to create awareness and construct a positive image for our product. When doing an episode, there are many key advertising tactics to keep in mind. Just like every person desires some kind of dairy product to get calcium to create publicity and good relationship with the customers. TIP TOP will be contributing 1% of the net sales for every trumpet sold and 2% contributed to every 2litre tub sold towards charitable foundation in Auckland which goes towards supporting sports clubs and the disadvantaged people. Moreover, the company will be sponsoring sporting events, charitable functions and in local communities as well to increase alertness and sales.


The value and reputation gained by an association come from the usefulness of its inner division. The competence of a department differs on the height of facts and skills passed out by the citizens working inside it. There are numerous significant departments that an association keeps in their system. For Fonterra the departments are enumerated when the human resource section, research and development division, and the secretarial section.

Nevertheless, all of the departments are not specified such significance because of the density and complexity in accepting their functions. Therefore, statement plays an important role in business as it helps in understanding the different concepts of the marketing and business world. It helps in building a plan to customise a blueprint of a specific situation (Source: www. marketingcommunications.com). The product and the prevailing market conditions will determine the optimal Marketing Communication Mix as well as identify the target spectators, the right message and media to reach them with.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the gathering within an association that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the association (source: wwww.about.com). Human Resource Management is the organizational function that deals with issues associated to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. To have a new website for Fonterra a web designer or an IT specialist will be hired therefore,, Human Resource Department will be responsible in the recruitment process for the hiring of a web designer. Thus having a new website will enable more customers to easily access Fonterra’s specials and brands.

Research and development is at the moment of immense importance in industry as the height of competition, manufacture processes and methods are speedily mounting. It is of particular significance in the field of advertising where companies continue to keep a watchful eye on competitors and patrons in arrange to keep rate with present trends and analyse the needs, demands and desires of their consumers. To get regular feedbacks and new thoughts about further improvements in consumer tastes and information on competitors, research and development will be consulted. A study and development section will require working very strongly with the marketing division to recognize the needs of the clientele and to test outputs of the R&D sector.

The purchasing department has a major function directly influencing the foremost cost of working or trade professional procedure of any business depends in the lead correct revenue of investment. The purchasing division must make certain receipt of correct resources when needed is adequate quantities to sustain production at the equivalent time, it must not increase asset beyond that mandatory to meet current needs and uphold a rational factor of securely against stock and position. Therefore, purchasing department will be consulted in order to purchase new equipment and machinery for the company. Operations will need to use sales forecasts formed by the promotion division to sketch their invention schedules.

The sales division of an association is most likely one of the most vital departments in an industry. The explanation why the sales division has so much significance is since the achievement or failure of a firm depends to a great extent on its sales strength. If the sales strength of a business fails to meet its targets, this means that the entire business will run a loss for that sales sector. It is thus tremendously essential that whoever manages the sales division of a industry is a experienced, knowledgeable and proficient manager. The sales will be quarterly evaluated to see if the new marketing strategies are effective or not. Therefore, sales department will be responsible for meeting the targets and having all the reports prepared for evaluation. Sales forecasts will also be a significant fraction of the budgets created by the investment department, as well as the operation of labour for the human resources division.

The marketing segment will act as a guide and lead the company’s other department in developing, producing, fulfilling, and servicing products or services for their consumers. Communication is essential. The marketing subdivision typically has a better understanding of the market and consumer needs. Marketing ought to be involved, and there should by a meeting of the minds, whenever planning are held regarding new product development or any customer-related gathering of the company. For example, service technicians and customer service reps will have enormous insights into customer opinions and needs. Get every person involved and there will be a more cohesive effort. For celebrity endorsement, billboards, TV and radio ads the marketing department will be held responsible for evaluating who will be the best to represent TIP TOP brand product for Fonterra. Marketing is perhaps the most significant movement in a industry because it has a straight outcome on productivity and sales. Bigger businesses will supply specific employees and departments for the intention of marketing. The advertising section of a industry wants to work closely with operations, investigate and development, finance and human resources to prove their plans are possible.

The purpose of accounting for a business is to have record of the receipts and expenditures of its daily actions. Accounting makes it available for the businesses to assess and analyse the business’s performance. This will help Fonterra to decide what improvements they need to make, or what practices to keep doing in order to keep the company at its thriving place (Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3138769). Accounts department will be responsible for preparing budgets, payrolls and balance sheets for Fonterra. A well-prepared budget will permit the marketing department evaluate on what segment of money is allocated to their section and act within the budget.

Valuable communication plays an important role in business to notify and influence behaviour. Communication channels refer to the average you use to send a message, such as the telephone or email. Effective communication requires selecting an appropriate communication channel to send your message. An effective means of communication is important in order to efficiently react to the various demands of the market. The communication channels used by Fonterra are instant messaging, email, video conferencing, and telephone and power point presentations.

Instant messaging is a enormous way to communicate with both colleagues and customers. Messaging software such as Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger what’s app etc, also provide a swift way for different subdivisions within the business to correspond in Fonterra. Instant messaging is one of the most cost effective and effortless ways to communicate, as most of the frequently used applications are free and easy to install on any present computer. In addition to text message function, many software applications have call, or even video call, functionality as well.

Email allows Fonterra to communicate with multiple parties, consecutively, from and to almost anywhere in the world. Most of the employees are comfortable with the utilize of email, and will check for new messages frequently. Newsletters, sent via email, will keep Fonterra’s workforce up to date with the latest news broadcast, offers, or any other changes within the business. E-mail has become the primary means for delivering short text messages within organizations that are networked. As e-mail between organizations becomes more frequent, the medium will increasingly take the part of fax, particularly as whole documents can be sent as e-mail attachments. E-mail provides many cost advantages when compared with the use of paper or the telephone.

Presentations are very popular technique of communication in all types of organizations, frequently involving audiovisual material, like copies of reports, or material prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Flash and this is has become a very effective communication channel for Fonterra.

Forum boards, which allow people to instantaneously post information at a centralized locality and face-to-face meetings, which are personal and have been successful by a written follow-up has been very popular communication channel for Fonterra.

(Source: Importance of Communication Channels in Business/eHow.com




The price of an item is clearly and essential determinant of the value of sales made. An organization’s pricing policy will differ according to the market fluctuation and circumstances. Since Pricing is one of the most significant essentials of the advertising blend, as it is the only mix, which generates a proceeds for the association. Price must sustain these essentials of the mix. Pricing is hard and must reflect deliver and demand connection. Pricing merchandise too high or too low down could imply a loss of sales for the organization.

The price of a 2litre tub of BOYSENNS BERRY RIPPLE is selling at $4.99 gives a competition edge and will facilitate penetration for its targeted market sector. Fonterra Group Limited has its own dairy farm and milk storing tanks thus fresh milk is used to make the product and due to this the cost of raw materials is a lot lesser.TIP TOP wants to be seen as high-status and of the premier quality but still attain a respectable size of the marketplace thus, A pricing tactic of being contained by the premier variety yet appealingly priced is an excellent form of access pricing. Penetration pricing is that the price charged for the product will be officially set low in order to gain market share and once this is achieved, the price will be improved.

Therefore, this casing showed that a price elevated encourages the marketplace to recognize the products as having a superior excellence than lower priced foodstuffs of the same sort. Patrons are willing to pay extra for a product that they identify as superior. Using a similar pricing. Undercutting its major competition with access pricing should allow the company to gain market share. Furthermore, Fonterra’s striking price joint with high value of places it in a distinctive area on the consumers’ perceptual chart.


TIP TOP ice cream provides kids with all the goodness in a tub.

The best news is that can offer you the same nutrients as regular dairy products and it is refreshing on a hot summer’s day. The ingredients include: fat free milk, sugar (25% less in sugar), colour (120,160b), flavour, stabilizer and vitamin D. The purpose of TIP TOP is to help kids grown stronger.

All milk naturally contains calcium. TIP TOP contains 50% more calcium than regular flavoured milk (*with 118 mg per 100ml). TIP TOP has 177 mg of calcium per 100ml and this calcium comes from calcium found naturally in milk as well as some extra added calcium. Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth. TIP TOP has Vitamin D added to it as it helps in the absorption of calcium. It comes in a 250ml packet that is enough for growing kids thus there won’t be any wastage. TIP TOP also contains protein which is a natural component of milk. Protein is essential for growth and development. Protein also helps form of muscles.


The making of TIP TOP will start right from the factory and then the ice cream will be

Delivered to storing and pasteurisation and then the processed ice cream will be delivered through delivery trucks to the manufacturer and then to the wholesaler. From the wholesaler it will be delivered to retailers, supermarkets and small dairy shops around Auckland has begun to obtain product loyalty and a considerable marketplace share in Auckland, distribution channels will be opened up throughout North Island of New Zealand and later the drink will be introduced in whole of New Zealand.

Therefore, the supply plan and marketing movement will aim impressive seats such as all intermediate and high schools, dairy shops, supermarkets and any social or cultural and sporting events held in and around Auckland. We diagram on choosing these locations for numerous reasons:

This will promote word of mouth exposure emphasizing the long-term memory of having the finest ice cream in NEW ZEALAND at the choicest locations.

High profile placement in upscale establishments which will enhance brand awareness and encourage patrons to make purchases for their beneficial future.

The purpose of this circulation strategy is to:

Cultivate client awareness of TIP TOP amongst definite market sector higher-end clients.

generate brand loyalty to TIP TOP

Acquire and expand market share of TIP TOP

Encourage whole of South Auckland customers to gain experience with TIP TOP and instigate to spread the statement about what spectacular ICE CREAM TIP TOP has to offer.


Promotion is one of the elements of marketing mix. It is the communication link between sellers and buyers for the purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading a potential buyer’s purchasing decision (Wikipedia, 2011). Promotion is the activity which the firm undertakes to communicate and promote products to the target market. The main objective of promotion is to:

Build Awareness – New foodstuffs are regularly unknown to a market, which resources primary promotional hard work must focus on establishing a character. In these circumstances the dealer must focus promotion to: 1) efficiently reach customers, and 2) tell the market who they are and what they have to offer.

Create concern by moving a patron from awareness of a produce to making a buy can present a major examination.

Provide Information – endorsement is designed to support customers in the exploration stage of the purchasing procedure. The product that competes in an obtainable market, informational endorsement may be used to help with a merchandise positioning approach.

Encourages Demand – The accurate promotion can drive clients to make a buy. In the case of foodstuffs that a purchaser has not before purchased or has not purchased in a long time, the promotional hard work may be bound for at getting the consumer to try the manufactured goods.

emphasize the Brand – Once a buy is made, a vendor can use endorsement to help build a well-built relationship that can lead to the purchaser becoming a dedicated patron.

The promotional strategies for TIP TOP consists of advertising, sales promotion and public relations.


All advertising is designed to increase the demand for a firm’s product whether facts are used or merely smoke and mirrors – Advertising is any form of paid non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services through mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television, internet and radio by an identified sponsor (Principles of Marketing:. Kids are not too much into newspapers and radio therefore our main focus for mass media advertising will be television and internet. For television advertising celebrity endorsement will be an effective way to promote.TIP TOP when consumers see one of their favourite celebrities endorsing a product they are more likely to go out and buy the product and try it for themselves. For example celebrities s

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