How Is Black Magic a Silent Killer

Abstract Introduction The word’ magic’ is very old, oldest of the oldest, it has been in existence from the time immemorial. WHAT IS MAGIC? Black Magic is an ancient science that uses the five elements or the visible/invisible chemistry, physics, biology, electronics & ether (universal spirit) to hurt or heal people. The core of all black magic lies within the spirit world or the world of the dead. Details Potency and Influence: The magic is based on natural and supernatural forces, which exist along with other four basic forces and these are numbered as fifth and sixth energy.
The scientific basic forces are gravity, weak and strong, electromagnetism, the nuclear power, weak and strong. Fifth is natural command and sixth is supernatural force. Human being has a strong composition of both desires in him or her, good and bad, either to help or to harm others. This magic influence is in the genes of every person and this potency is called Positive Energy and Negative Energy. Some have more percentage of positive energy in them, which urges them not only to help self but also others in all spheres and in all possible ways as they can possibly exercise.
The people with more positive energy even go out of the way to help others. There are other types of persons who gain pleasure in causing mental injury or otherwise to other persons, places or things due to jealousy or their basic nature. These are certain people who have high proportion of negative energy in their specific genes. They feel pleasure to harm others by using black magic either to gain something in exchange or to get enjoyment out of it. This practice has been common even long before Christianity.

The people in ancient days used to blame devil for every offensive or annoying act, it was just because the genuine procedure had been a mystery during that period. *2. 2. Black Magic*: A mystic art: Black Magic is a mystic art of rituals or using one’s evil supernatural powers to influence or control events, sorcery or witchcraft. It is a sort of hypnotism, though its methods are different. It is exercised to affect malevolent powers deliberately to cause damage to other persons, places or things, directly or indirectly by its misuse.
This term is also used with ‘K’ such as magick, and the people popularly use this term as ‘Black Magick’ or ‘Dark Magick’ and when it is used for giving benefit to a person it is called White Magic or White Magick. White Magic and Black Magic (or Dark Magic) are the requisites used in place of Positive Energy and Negative energy, which can both benefit a common man, place or thing temporarily or can cause damage to any of them. Stronger the will power of a man, lesser the effect of Black Magic, stronger the stars of a person astrologically, negligible force of black magic effect.
Similarly if the place or thing is more pious or holy, little the evil effect of the black magic. Does the Black Magic really work? The magic or black magic does exist, no question of modern people rejecting it. It is the energy that exists in every person, depending on one’s thinking and nature of soul, pious or evil. This energy can be increased to a great extent either in giving benefits to a particular person or harming any other person, place or thing. A term taboo is also used for this. It was a custom among the Polynesians, who prohibited the use of certain persons, places or things.
It normally forbids the use of physical connections with a particular person or woman. They generally accepted opposite term for the black magic or dark magic and that is white magic. Sorcery is a branch of basic magic that can influence certain desired events, objects, people and the places by its mystical supernatural powers to a great extent. Such Magical power affects have dual functions, they can heal as well as harm, and they can benefit as well as damage any person, place or thing. But more affectivity is related to negative power. How does this kill?
Voodoo Witchcraft comes from the African continent & is extremely lethal. In the last few years it has spread into other parts of the world & is being mixed with other forms of Black magic to harm and kill people. The clothes, hair, nails and picture are used to make a doll that resembles the victim; the heart area of the doll is kept open for the final ritual. A ritual is performed and a heart is pulled out from a live animal’s body while it is vibrating and placed into the heart area of the doll, at this point the doll is infused with life connecting the doll with the victim with an invisible psychic chord.
Once the doll and the victim are connected, 2-3 inch needles are pushed in the doll at specific acupuncture points to break the energy system of the victim. As the pins are pushed into the doll the victim feels as if a needle is being pierced into his body. The victim can be sitting thousands of miles away and will experience the attacks instantaneously. If the victim was made to eat or drink food and/or water that consists of “Masaan” (Ash of the Dead) infused with negatively charged energy by the black magician, the effects are life threatening and gives unlimited control over the victims Mind & Body.
The prime focus of the black magician is to destroy the immune system of their victim. In case of a man: head & temple area, thumbs & big toes are targeted to break the immune system. In case of women, private parts are attacked to terrorize & harm the victim. The individual can be killed using this technique in as little as 28 days (one Moon cycle). If the individual is physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually strong it becomes very difficult for the attacker to kill the victim within a specific time period and the attacks can continue for years until the victim or the black magician dies.
As the attacks continue the victim is torn down on multiple levels; gets bed ridden and eventually dies of no apparent medical reason. The doctor’s cannot help him because the symptoms misguide the doctors into giving the individual stronger treatments with every passing day and one day the body gives-up. What kind of harm can be done to someone using black magic or what kind of harm is inflicted on innocent people using the services of these Black Magicians? Here are some of the basic harms that is inflicted upon people using black magic, Initial stages of possible Black Magic or Spirit Activity Your sleep is disturbed ? Fatigue and lack of energy to live day-to-day life ? You have Fear ? Disinterest in life ? Hopelessness ? You are irritated for no reason ? You get angry for no reason ? Severe Depression ? Dryness of mouth at night ? increased thirst ? Obesity in some cases ? Sudden Chills and Goose Bumps ? Tightness around body parts ? You start forgetting things in the spur of the moment and experience memory loss ? Your access to the dream world is blocked: No remembrance of dreams when you wake up ?
Your professional career suffers ? Irrational behaviour of people towards you. ? Blockages in the inflow of money There is a whole lot that can be inflicted upon people using black magic and the spirit world and it all depends upon the power of the black magicians. ? You dream of dead bodies and horrible looking people who want to kill you in your dream ? You dream of snakes & dirty places ? Waking up suddenly in fear with shortness of breath ? Dreaming of falling from Heights ? Dreaming of Snakes, Scorpions & Spiders You see black dots or smoke flying all over ? The stomach bloats like a pregnant women’s belly and the area right above the navel tightens up & when touched feels like a golf ball is in there ? Tightness and heaviness specially in shoulders and chest ? Extreme hunger in case entities have taken charge of your body ? Constant headache ? Your complexion darkens ? A Dark or Grey smoke is seen in front of the eyes when awake. ? Itching, burning and stinging pains in different parts of the body ?
In case serious black magic is being done to kill you, You will notice that Crows will cross your path from left to right while travelling or they would crossover from left to right, flying right above you, at times they would have a piece of flesh or some other solid matter in their beaks. ? Cancer of blood or other body parts ? Shrinking and malfunctioning of kidneys ? Excessive alcohol consumption resulting in liver damage ? Substance Abuse ? Heart Attacks resulting in sudden death ? Medicines do not work baffling the medical practioner: resulting in doctors using stronger treatments ?
Suicidal attempts or thoughts of self destruction If someone has initiated black magic against you, you will feel the effects of it and in case “ash of the dead” has been fed to you, you will become a helpless puppet at the hands of the black magician. A Voodoo doll under your bed is for you death! If you find a camel bone hidden in your court yard—this is for the downfall of your whole family. *2. 3. *Precautions: Here are some precautions that you can take from becoming a victim: Do not eat or drink any item from anyone unless the person shares that food item with you.
Sweets/Desserts that are filled with “Ash of the Dead” and charged with negative mantra are used to create an opening in your auric shield and that opening is used as a channel to control your body & mind. Black Magic is done using your picture, clothes, hair, nails, blood, saliva, & skin tissue. Women get affected with black magic more easily than men, in women the effects can be observed on the surface while in men it works as an undercurrent and is not visible. Black magic can also be done by touching your body or looking straight into your eyes.
Anything that carries an aura can be charged with negative energies to create an opening in the auric field of the victim. Examples: Clothing, jewelry, piece of paper, stuffed animals or stuffed dolls etc. Black magic can also be done using your name and your mother’s names hence do not give sensitive information to everyone. At present many forms of black magic are being used all over the world, the problem is rising at a horrifying rate and the governments are not interested in looking into the problem and making laws to punish the Black Magicians.
In the past few years hushed up research has been done at the Stony Brook Medical College, New York. USA and they have concluded that Voodoo witchcraft can kill people. According to a news report in ”THE TIMES” 90% of Vietnam is dominated by the practice of black magic; Parts of Asia including India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia are the areas where the science of black magic is spreading like wild fire. In the west: America, Mexico & parts of South America, England, Eastern Europe & Africa are some of the areas where Black Magic & Voodoo witchcraft is on the rise. Conclusion: References:

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