Hospitality And Tourism In Lebanon Tourism Essay

Lebanon is a very old nation rich in natural beauty. It provides charming seashores and internal mountainous area with fresh surroundings. Accommodations vary from extravagance establishments to mid-range hotels providing to families. Leisure can be set up in these hotels for both children and parents. Transportations in Lebanon are easy to access; buses and taxis are all over the place. Lebanon is famous for its old and new attractions for example museums, grottos and ski resorts. Cities as well are attractions to tourists; in each city there is something new to learn about and experience.

Lebanon is filled with local and international restaurants. Prices differ as you get to choose the location and type of cuisine. Besides that, cruises became popular in Lebanon, different type of games in it has let the tourist to come and experience. Other gaming sectors are also found in Lebanon, for instance skiing, and bungee jumping from the high mountains within the destination. The clubs present plenty of preferences and mixtures of services so guests can experience and have fun. The mixture of entertaining and meetings has aimed to the higher the expansion movement in tourism.

Apart from that, most of the facilities marketing departments have adopted a customer segmentation system so as to optimize revenues and reduce on the expenses. This leads to maximized yields. Segmentation gives the clients a sense of belonging and makes them loyal to the clubs. The sales staff is also highly trained so that they can handle ambitious targets and execute them in real time. Lebanon welcomes the guests with its warm hospitality that everyone talks about.


Lebanon, the smallest country in the Middle East, has been an important destination and a spotlight to tourists from around the world for its strategic position next to the Mediterranean Sea. Its tourism industry rate has been increasing each year. Lebanon is popular for its ancient history that had gone from the remains of ancient Roman to well conserved palaces of the medieval times. Looking at its touristic side, Lebanon is the only Arab country that offers skiing activities, and for its breathtaking scenery, it offers a spectacular view of the old and new. As for its night life, Lebanon has the best restaurant club in the Middle East, the Sky Bar, where foreign lives the inspiration of its special events and wild life. Beside the night parties, Lebanon still maintains its high quality food such as Tabouleh, Hommous, Kebbeh, and not forgetting its traditional desserts Knafe and Um Ali. On the other hand, hospitality plays a very important role where traditional Lebanese hotels are highly recommended for their gracious services. Hotels there welcome you with the best hospitality in which they make sure to please their guests. By far, Lebanon is one of the most popular Arab countries that most tourists visit and speak highly about its hospitality.


The transportation infrastructure in Lebanon is very different as some areas have high quality especially modern primary and secondary roads, bridges, highways and most importantly the Beirut international airports. Whereas some parts of the country still have poor road conditions due to the Lebanese civil war in (1975-1990) and Lebanon War (2006) with Israel that damaged the roads and railed networks massively. The major forms of transport in Lebanon are buses, taxis, and ferries. The most popular mode of transportation is the service taxis, which is easily identifiable from the red number plate. Apart from travelling from the international airport, one can travel through to Lebanon from Cyprus by ferry and Damascus by road.


Tourists would like to improve their experience when traveling; therefore they would like to shop. Lebanon is very well known for its fashion designers, so tourists are able to visit the boutiques that are located in Beirut. Malls are located in Beirut as well. Traditional Lebanese shops can be found on the streets, where tourists can have a look and grab something for a memory. Also, festivals like Baalbek, Byblos and Beiteddine take place each year presenting different themes. Mostly, these events have opportunities toward tourists to find out remarkable sites and cherish some moments. In addition, Lebanon includes best hospitals with experienced doctors that have completed their field in Europe. When it comes to education, universities in Lebanon are widely recognized as the best edification in the Middle East.


Lebanon holds large selection of valleys, old structures, and admired traveler places that must be explored by tourists when visiting. From Beirut to Baalbek, Sidon to Tyre, Tripoli to Byblos, and many more cities in Lebanon are themselves tourist’s attractions. Beirut National Museum is an example of the historic monuments that was recognized in Lebanon in 1937 and was officially opened in 1942. This museum holds several pieces of antiques and work of art back then from the ancient era. Another museum tourists visits the most is Gibran museum that opened in 1995. Besides that, Jeita Grotto a beautiful limestone cave is positioned in the North of Beirut. It’s one of the main attractions and was elected to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. It consists of lower and upper caves. Tourists should take a boat to discover the lower cave, as it controls a belowground river which supplies the Lebanese with fresh water.


Lebanon is always ready when it comes to accommodations. Other than hotels and chalets, many cities in Lebanon like Batroun and Jounieh offer apartments and villas for rent. One of the trendiest is SAIFI Suites; it is to be found in the center of Beirut. It’s next to the Gemmayzeh; the best place for social and entertainment activities at night. This 4-star hotel tends to provide Wi-Fi without charging the customer, and leisure centers for relaxation. For site seen, this accommodation contains a balcony in each suite where you are able to glaze at the beautiful view of the town. The hotel’s restaurant and wine lounge, serve selections of food and beverages to satisfy the customer’s needs. There are room types in this hotel; one of them is the deluxe one-bedroom suite that holds a maximum of two people and is for 844 AED per night.


Lebanon still maintains its reliability when it comes to food. The traditional Lebanese food is highly spoken about and enjoyed by many people around the world. However, tourists can experience not only Lebanese cuisines but also different types of cuisines that are extended throughout the cities’ and villages’ restaurants in Lebanon. All restaurants differ in prices depending on the location and the category they fall in. For instance, Al Dente is an Italian restaurant in the Albergo Hotel at Achrafieh. It’s a quiet restaurant, where tourists can listen to Italian music playing in the background while dining. Moreover, downtown Beirut includes many restaurants with reasonable prices that satisfy everyone. Karam Beirut is one of the restaurants there, which targets many tourists who look for the best Lebanese restaurant.


Known for its hospitality, Lebanon offers the tourists 500 different choices of hotels to experience. These hotels are classified from their quality and service depending on the position and price. Most top hotels that provide greatest services are known to be located at the sea-side. For example, The Riviera Hotel, a 5 star rate in Beirut, located opposite to the Mediterranean Sea, was opened in 1956. This hotel is identified as one of the most visited accommodation by tourists. One hundred twenty guest rooms and suites provided are modernized to add a trendy experience to this deluxe atmosphere. Fifty six years and this hotel still maintain its steadiness comparing it to others. Moreover, the prices differ from a season to another; in summer vacation tourists come to visit Lebanon therefore the prices of hotels are set to be high. However, from October till May the prices are flexible and able to be discussed.

Clubs and Mice Facilities

Being a country located in the Middle East, Lebanon is not widely known to be a tourist destination. This is due to the circumstances facing the region since over the years; war has been the most major situation that prevails. “This made it difficult for the country to emerge as a destination for meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions” (MICE). “Business events sector is a sector that is among the top sectors in terms of growth in any economy” (Baum 2009, p.8). However in recent years, Lebanon has defied these adverse circumstances. “There are many incentive rewards that accompany audience to a conference to any country” (Weber 2002, p.102). The country has even described the sector as one of the key drivers of the economy in terms of foreign direct investment. Tourists coming into the country always mean an improvement to the domestic economy. Since the country is still gaining ground in the industry, there are not as many MICE facilities and clubs as compared to the western countries. Regardless, the rate at which the sector is growing is worth noting given all the odds against the country.

To attract more tourists, modern facilities have been built for future use. Most of them have contemporary interior designs, with each unit being self-sufficient. Each unit contains a private bar for clients to enjoy their stay in a sophisticated manner. The clubs have interactive television systems that allow tourists on the forum to interact through video conferencing. International satellite channels are also available in these facilities. Internet connectivity is paramount since it is the easiest way to connect and also interact on a real time basis. It is also important for staying in touch with all the stakeholders involved including their families back at home. Apart from the suites, there are also large conferences halls, to improve meetings and conferencing. One of these clubs, Club Rotana, is in Beirut. Most tourists visiting Lebanon for conferencing purposes end up at this modern club. Movenpick Hotel and Resort also located in Beirut is another key MICE facility in Lebanon. This hotel held a dynamic conference on education and networking in the month of October this year. These star hotels attract clients due to their charming look and comfort.

Gaming and Cruising Sector

The luxurious suites and advanced technology are not the only centers of attraction in these facilities. There are other activities that make these facilities significant tourist attraction sites. This is because the resorts have cruising and gaming spots. The games range from casinos to skiing in the mountains. Most of the facilities are in the capital city Beirut since the city is in a favorable environment for conducting activities such as cruising. Facilities such as Club Rotana have Casinos. This is because most tourists engage in these activities during their leisure time. One company offering cruising services is the Abou Merhi Cruises. This company has several cruise ships that tourists use during their cruising endeavors. Abou Merhi is in Beirut, the heart of Lebanese tourism and MICE facilities. This firm also boasts of over thirty two gaming machines, and also over seven poker games. The hotels will assign each of these games their own tables. Different clients can gather at different tables according to their taste. Casino gambling is illegal in some countries. In Lebanon, it is legal. This attracts clients that come from those countries where it is illegal to gamble at casinos. Abou Merhi is complete with hotel residence suites. This firm owns a cruising boat known as Orient Queen. The tourists are able to gamble in a casino and at the same time cruise during any time of any day. Some clients do not like gambling. They will play Bingo which is easier to do than gambling. This game does not require an individual to have any experience so as to enjoy. One can chat and make friends while enjoying a day long cruise.

Gambling is not the only game offered in Lebanon. There are other exciting and fun games such as lottery, dog racing and horse racing. These games not only show excitement but they also add to the experiences of tourists and this will convince them to continue visiting the country. The combination of fun and conferencing concerns in these Lebanese clubs has led to the upward trend in growth, in tourism.

Hospitality management, HR Practices, and Marketing Management Companies

The development of these sectors has emanated from the management of the facilities and policies set by them. Management is a key driver in the growth of any business. It involves taking into account every aspect of the business and making decisions concerning the business. In order to satisfy their clients from abroad, the managers of these facilities have to make decisions on hospitality and design routines that are secure according to the clients. “International hospitality management in Lebanon is capital intensive” (Yu 1999, p.99). Some of these clubs such as Club Rotana have lounges facing the Mediterranean Sea giving the tourists a spectacular view of the sea. The tourists are also subject to private reception when they are checking in and also when they are checking out. Most of the clients that visit Lebanon in search of MICE facilities belong to the upper class in the society. They prefer better and luxurious spots. Privacy is paramount for these clients. This is why most clubs and MICE facilities are situated in magnificent locations to attract these clients.

The administration also ensures that their clients have access to daily local newspapers on a daily basis. This keeps the clients at par with what is happening globally. This is an appropriate hospitality decision made by managers of these facilities. This makes the facilities self reliant such that the clients do not have to travel elsewhere searching for informative media such as the newspapers. The Human Resource section only hires qualified staff that is capable. This is done to ensure that the staff upholds professionalism and perform their duties with integrity. Their purpose is to provide the best when it comes to Arab hospitality. They dedicate their energy to raising standards in the hotel and accommodation industry. The clubs know that if standards are low, they will not attract as many clients especially from foreign countries. They must provide services that are hard to find in the clients’ countries.

The management of these facilities also commits to learning of different cultures of different countries so as to be able to provide the best according to the clients’ backgrounds. This is the only way that they will be able to understand what their clients prefer most. With this knowledge, the clubs will be able to satisfy their clients and ensure that they make the club their destination of choice if they ever visit Lebanon again. The marketing departments targets attracting corporate clients and maintaining close contacts with them. Personal relationships between the clubs and the clients create friendship. This friendship translates to formation of loyal customers. The customers will attract their close allies and recommend the clubs to them. This creates an increased market base for the clubs from all around the world.

Franchising and ethical

Franchising has become a popular interest in Lebanon. Since the tourism sector is still developing, most businesses are resorting to franchising their products in order to appeal to new clients globally. The hotels and clubs use names of already established brands in other countries so as to gain access to these markets. Once foreign clients know about these clubs and hotels, they will earn interest. This will create a new market for the Lebanese clubs and hotels. Lebanon has liberal laws that guarantee the existence of a free market. The laws also encourage foreign investment. The Lebanese Commercial Code governs all the companies in Lebanon, and as a requirement, the companies have to maintain a lawyer. The lawyer ensures that the decision makers understand legal procedures in the event of any decision making. All corporations doing business in Lebanon have to pay a tax rate of not more than ten percent of the net profits. The corporations should also pay a five percent rate on dividends. The Lebanese business entities maintain the integrity and treat their clients with respect. They also treat their employees well to ensure their businesses success.


Lebanon started to build new facilities to magnetize tourists. Today, Lebanon holds many attractions where visitors can explore via much transportation. It also contains great activities such as skiing, caving, and swimming to entertain tourists. It as well provides bungee jumping and parachuting that occur in the mountains. Hotels and restaurants are always opened to welcome tourists and locals with the best they have. City and country clubs are always there with their facilities to allow you both relax and amuse. In general, visiting this small country that is full of artificial and natural thrills will allow the tourist to experience and gain knowledge about the Lebanese culture.

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