Different Aspects Of Computing IT Industry Information Technology Essay

The purpose of this CS302 Current trends and careers in information and communication technology individual assignment is to elaborate on the effectiveness of information systems and information technology education for developing work ready graduates. This subject compares Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills that students acquire throughout their course of studies with skills identified by the ICT industry as being crucial for the ICT job sector. First impression of how students learn and their views of crucial ICT skills were established through a case study (Problem Based Learning-PBL) of a focus group of graduating Computer Science and IT students in INTI International University.

Different Career Paths for Information Technology (IT) Industry Majority fresh graduates who looking for their first job with computing and IT background that are uncertain about what field to enter. This CS302 Individual Assignment discusses the research of the current prospective and aspect of computing and IT industry, which was mentioned above. The major issue discussed in this documentation as mentioned below by the author:

Different types of Computing & IT industry jobs that the author looking into information technology.

Best way to write a proper Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The author has described each of the best desired jobs for his professions.

Different Aspects of Computing & IT Industry

In computing and IT industry they are various career paths in an industry, which also mean with IT background, the graduates have more opportunity working in different career path desired. Based on the author study on the article posted in (eHow, 2010), that the computing & IT industry has a great reputation as a stable working environment to get a job as time goes on. Even though that the working environment itself is not stable due to constant technology changes and the demand for better and more efficient use of technology nowadays. But the demand for IT professionals is always there in every country. There are various types of computer profession that are found in all different environments in an IT industry. Some of the common available jobs in computing include artificial intelligence, computer design and engineering, graphic design, website development and maintenance, information technology and software development.


Figure 2.0: Illustrates the various career paths for computing & IT graduates

(The Authors Illustration)

Those employed graduates in computer careers have a wide range of services that they can provide to an IT company. Graphic designer’s career and website developer’s career use their creativity and artistic abilities, along with their knowledge of computers, to produce onscreen graphics, animations and Web pages. Graduates who interested in development may decide to go into computer design and engineering, developing new computer circuits and internal components. They may also be interested in software career, creating new software and methods of production for software companies (e.g. standalone software or artificial intelligent system).

Careers in IT industry

Career Type


Hardware Careers

Hardware careers involve research, design, development, testing and installation of computer hardware. They work with internal and external computer parts and peripherals.

Job Titles: Computer Technician, IT Specialist, IT Technician, IT Manager and Computer Hardware Engineers.

Software Careers

Careers in software include design, construction and programming software to offer user-friendly applications, as well as maintaining and fixing applications to improve usability.

Job Titles: Programmer, Software Engineer, System Analysts, System Programmer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance Specialist and Analyst Programmer.

Support Careers

Support careers can involve software, hardware and systems support by installing and fixing computers and applications to support end users.

Job Titles: Helpdesk, Customer Service, Technical Consultant and Inside & Channel Sales Specialist.

Administration Careers

Administration professionals organize databases and systems and improve processes for overall performance. This includes responsibility for integrity and security of systems.

Job Titles: Network Administrator, Database Administrator, SAP Consultants, Security Analyst and Software Architect.

Graphic Careers

Graphic profession is more creative side of the computer industry, which consider careers in computer animation and design. Professions in this industry can have a hand in movies, video games, web pages and just about anything else. This needs a creative mind, so it isn’t for everyone with a desire to work in computers.

Job Titles: 3D Graphic Designer, Multimedia Designer, Games Developer and Web Advertisement.

Webmaster Careers

Web designer and web development are budding career fields, allowing professionals to have a hand in creating pieces of the Internet. Web designer is a profession that is concerned with the creation and design of websites and pages.

Job Titles: Web Advertisement, Webmaster, Web Developer and Web Designer.

Major of study

Major of study is most important basement for a computing and IT graduates for working in IT industry. There are many universities/colleges out there promising to deliver the training necessary to be a knowledgeable professional in any one of these computer fields or others. It is important to ensure that any potential educational institution is properly accredited and that it has the specialization necessary for students to get the degree to excel in selected profession field. Getting into computing & IT industry, students knew either going for bachelor in computer science or Information technology in business will be better choice for his future professions.

Based on the authors understanding, he has descripted the reason for joining computer science field as his major of study for his future professions. The main reason for the author to enroll for this field is because of the different career path option availability as mention in this CS302 Individual Assignment research and his interest in computing field. The author has understood the different between to major in computing field, computer science refers to the processes used to create usable computer programs and applications together with all theory behind those processes. Information technology in business on the other hand refers to the application of computer programs to solve business processes.

As we know computing becomes rapidly in all purpose and business, the author able to learn and enhance his technical and non-technical and problem solving skill which useful for his professions he going to select which he will discuss in this documentation. The author has gain knowledge in general computer hardware, software, operating systems and networks. With this knowledge’s he had used for his project developed in software based and hardware based as part of his coursework requirement.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Block A-11-8, Menara Pelangi lorong

ang seng 2 brieckfields 50470 K.L.

[email protected]

(010) 213-7071


Initiative person with intellectual skills, maturity, able to learn new things related with IT field. Has a strong commitment, common sense, the capacity to rise to challenges and an enthusiasm in all tasks assigned to give a better contribution to the employer.


Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Information Technology Industry that offers Professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.


Freelancer, Part-Time June 2008 (Ongoing)


Task & Activities:

Webmaster, Graphic Designer (banners, brochure, catalogs and books)and Computer Servicing

Researcher & Webmaster, Part-Time March 2008 (Ongoing)

Innovation and Creativity Skills Training (INOCREST), Malaysia

Task & Activities:

Research and Reporting, Design Books/Catalogs, Webmaster for INOCREST website and Computer Maintenance

Programme Administrator, Full-Time March 2008 – September 2008

Stamford College Kuala Lumpur/PJ , Malaysia

Task & Activities:

Timetable Scheduling, Students Reporting and Helpdesk support


Computer Science, Bachelor of Science January 2009 – November 2010

INTI College Subang Jaya, Malaysia

(Completing In August 2010)

Computer Science, Diploma in January 2006 – November 2008

Stamford College Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CGPA 3.0/4.0

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) November 2005

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Desa Perdana, Malaysia

Science Class


Major Projects

Final Year Project (Degree)

Title: Online E-Portfolio

Programming Tools: Visual Studio Professional 2008(ASP.NET 4.0) and SQL Server 2008

Description: Monitors and produces testimonial letter based on student holistic records.

Final Year Project (Diploma)

Title: Hotel Reservation System

Programming Tools: Visual Studio Professional 2005(ASP.NET 2.0) and SQL Server 2005

Description: Online Hotel Management system which does daily reservation process.

Mini Projects

Database Project

Title: Development of Online Nirvana Online Memorial Park System

Programming Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver(PHP), Apache and MYSQL

Commercial Programming Project

Title: Online Design & Development of Fitness First Gym System

Programming Tools: Visual Studio Professional 2008(VB.NET) and SQL Server 2005

Database Project

Title: Development of Online Air force Manufacturing Intranet Web

Programming Tools: Visual Studio Professional 2008(ASP.NET 3.5) and SQL Server 2005

Mobile Commerce Project

Title: Design and Development of Mobile Membership Marketing for Celebrity Fitness

Programming Tools: Visual Studio Professional 2008(VB.NET) and SQL Server 2008

System Security Project

Title: Setting up email server & client with firewall and encryption.

Programming Tools: Axigen Mail Server, PGP Desktop and Nortan Internet Security 2010

Freelancer Projects

Company: Rev Henna Creations

Description: Redesign official company website

Link: http://www.revhenna.com/

Company: Stamford College Kuala Lumpur

Description: Design official website for KL branch(No longer in use)

Link: http://www.stamfordkl.com.my/

Company: Innovation and Creativity Skills Training (INOCREST)

Description: Redesign official website-Upcoming Project

Link: http://www.inocrest.com/


College/University Level

Involved in Soft skills seminar in college (2009-2010)

Career Exploration in DIGI, PWC and Cyber Security (2009-2010)

Volunteer: College International Food Carnival (2010)

Sponsorship Coordinator for Indian Cultural Night (2009)

Design and Develop Stamford College Official Website (2008)

Coordinate Ping Pong games for College Sport Day (2007)

College Ping Pong Team Player: Won 3rd Place (2007)

Student Council Member (2007)

School Level

School Short-Put Player: Won 3rd Place (2005)

Larian Marathon Polis IPPK KL (2001 to 2005)

Olympic Marathon KL (2002)

KL Marathon (2001)

School Marathon Runner: Won 2nd Place(1999)

Other Awards

SCORE A Seminar: Best Student Award (2005)

Kadet Polis: Pangkat Lan Koperal at IPPK Pudu Kuala Lumpur (2004)


Football, Ping Pong, Swimming, Physical Fitness (gym), Computer Games and Collect Conceptual Design of Future Technologies.


Mr Sachidhanandam

Director of Innovation and Creativity Skills Training (INOCREST)

(H) 012-233685 (E) [email protected]

Ms Mani

Lecturer: Stamford College Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya Jalan 223

(H) 012-2837202 (E) [email protected]

Ms Jane Lim

Head of Programme, School of Computing & Engineering (SCE), INTI College Subang Jaya

(H) 012-3390411 (E) [email protected]


Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Flash

Corel Paint Shop Pro


MS Office Suite







Visual Basic.NET





SQL Server


Windows Vista/XP

Window 7


WebSphere Suite

FTP Programs


CCNA Fundamental

Macromedia Flash MX

Microsoft Office Tools



Bahasa Malaysia



Corel Video Studio Pro

Sony Sound Forge

Data Recovery Tools

Desirable Job Vacancies

The author has chosen 3 desirable career paths which he will be looking for after his completion of his degree program. The career types he has chosen are web designer, network administrator and database administrator. The further description and reasons for choosing this career paths will be discuss in this documentation by the author.

Web Designer

Job Description:

A Web designer is someone who programs Web pages. A Web designer is more focused on the way a website works than how it looks. They typically use HTML text editors and work with databases and programming languages as well as HTML. Web designers are sometimes asked to do all back-end work or front-end work this depends on the IT organization career description.

Working Experience: 1-2 years/Fresh Graduates

Education: Degree/Diploma in Computer Science or Information technology

Programming skills required: ASP.NET, PHP and JavaScript’s

Database skills required: SQL Server, MYSQL and Oracle

Other skills required: HTML, AJAX’s, CSS, Photoshop and Dreamweaver

Salary: RM 2800.00 – RM 4200.00


Logical Thinking – Although the creative process is a blast, the author sometimes just like to figure out the best way to make things work.

Constantly Changing Technologies – Allows the author to keep on update with latest design patterns and programming tools rather than lose a lot of the drive and desire that made it interesting in the first place.

Creativity – Ability to express and show the creative talent in designing and able to improve with the time goes on.

Network Administrator

Job Description:

The duties of a Network Administrator are vary tremendously in every situation, but the command tread for Network Administrator is to support the hardware and software that is part of the computer network.

While some Network Administrator position are often involve hands on troubleshooting at individual workstations or others are strictly involves ” behind the scenes” jobs with position specializing in network security, firewalls and routers, network design and implementation and connectivity to server.

The general terminology for these professionals is

Tier 1 support (usually the help desk)

Tier 2 support (desktop and network associates) – whose job involves interfacing with end users

Tier 3 support (network administrators) – who rarely have direct involvement with end users.

Working Experience: 1-2 years/Fresh Graduates

Education: Degree/Diploma in Computer Science/IT or Professional Certification in networking.

Programming skills required: ASP.NET, C++, VB.NET, Python and Ruby

Database skills required: SQL Server, MYSQL and Oracle

Networking skills required: Firewall configuration, encryption & decryption, server back-up, network hardware configuration (e.g. router and hub) and WAN & LAN configuration.

Other skills required: Hardware technical skill and software troubleshooting skills, Linux and Window Server experience.

Salary: RM 2500.00 – RM 3500.00


Ability gain strong working knowledge and experience on major networking components, network operating systems and basic computer hardware components.

Experience in hands on knowledge of the procedures used in the installation, modification maintenance and repair of IT hardware and software.

Various exposures in network security risks and also encryptions solutions.

Working more than 3 year with good performance can be promoted to Senior Engineer position.

Working with a large number of different types of network hardware and software, and obtaining certifications from the major industry players such as Microsoft, Cisco and Apple, a skilled Network Administrator will be able to command a higher salary as his or her experience grows.

Database Administrator

Job Description:

Database Administrators use database software to store and manage information. They will often set up database systems and are responsible for making sure those systems operate efficiently (usually referred to as database performance tuning). They also make sure that the data they store is backed up regularly, stored effectively, and that the data is secure from unauthorized access. Ensuring the data is available, by maximizing database uptime, is also an important function of the database administrator.

Working Experience: 2-3 years/Fresh Graduates

Education: Degree/Diploma in Computer Science/IT or Professional Certification in networking or database.

Programming skills required: ASP.NET, C++, PHP, VB.NET, Python and Ruby

Database skills required: SQL Server, MYSQL and Oracle

Networking skills required: Firewall configuration, encryption & decryption, server back-up, network hardware configuration (e.g. router and hub) and WAN & LAN configuration.

Other skills required: Hardware technical skill and software troubleshooting skills, Linux and Window Server experience.

Salary: RM 2700.00 – RM 4000.00


Experience in hands on knowledge of the scripting in database software.

Various exposures in database and network security risks and also encryptions solutions.

To learn cyber security problem solving skills and type of solution based on the security risk.

Learn to use various firewall policy and configuration to protect the business information

Able to migrate to network administrator career path.

Application Letter

Saravanam A/L Ganapathi

Block A-11-08 Menara Pelangi,

Lorong Ang Send 2 Brieckfields,

50470 Kuala Lumpur

12 June 2010

Ms. Lee Thuan Hooi

The Human Resource Manager

Greenpower Era Berhad

No.23, Taman Shamelin Perkasa,

Cheras, 43200 Selangor

Dear Ms Lee,


I’m writing to express my interest in the Web Developer (Junior) position listed on JobStreet homepage on the 16th June 2010. I’m currently enrolled in the final year of a BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science course at the INTI College Subang Jaya, and will graduate in August 2010.

I have experience building corporate website, consumer-focused, business-based content sites. While much of my experience has been in the business world as free freelancer web designer, I understand the social value of the non-profit sector and my business experience will be an asset to your organization. I have experience using well known open-source tools such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress for website development.

I have the ability to work within a team as well as cross-team. I can work with web engineers to resolve technical issues and implement technical enhancements, work with the development department to implement design and functional enhancements, and monitor site statistics and conduct search engine optimization.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the position further. I can be contacted on 010-2137071 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration.



(Saravanam A/L Ganapathi)


The skills the author was learning as part of their qualifications seemed to be consistent with what he desired to learn for being work-ready. This CS302 Individual assignment had given the author an exploration and experience on various career paths, jobs requirements, creating good curriculum vitae (CV) and how to apply for a job using application letter.

I will like to appreciate and thank Ms Jane Lim See Yin our CS302 Current Trends and Careers in Information and Communication Technology, who has given the author a good guide and motivation along the completion of this Individual Assignment successfully on the time given. Therefore the author, will like to request Covetry University of UK and INTI College Subang Jaya to provide more interesting Individual Assignment Case studies which gives students more knowledge in current trend and Information technology which help their career seeking opportunity in future.

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