Beowulf Movie Review

In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements In English MOVIE REVIEW Of BEOWULF Merry Anjela M. MendozaSeptember 16, 2011 Ms. Maria Dolores Fiao-ag Introduction Beowulf is an epic from England. It is a story of a brave man who killed many monsters and died defending from a dragon. It is also a great story of adventure. From an old English poem, it became a 3D movie with the faces of real actors and actresses. Although there has a difference from the original poem, it still showed great and it attracted wide audiences.
Throughout the movie review, I gave my own opinions about the movie especially in the effects, how the characters played their role, and how they captured the eye of the audiences. Movie Review The Movie Beowulf is a three dimensional movie directed by Robert Zemeckis. It was inspired by an Ancient English poem and known as the epic of England. Unlike the other 3D movies, the characters here are based from the faces of real artists. The settings played on Denmark, A. D. 507. The movie was released on November 16, 2007.
My Opinion For me, the use of real faces of the artists is nice and the outfits matched the role of the characters especially for the role of Grendel who has a performance capture suit which represents a sad creature. His face and body was altered to fit his role. I also like the look of Grendel’s mother which was Angelina Jolie with her golden fitted outfit but I don’t understand why does she is wearing a high heels which was not yet popular during that times. The Expected Audiences

Beowulf was rated as PG-13 which means that all people are allowed to watch the movie but children below thirteen years old must be given a parental guidance due to some violences including disturbing scenes and sexual interruptions. The Outline Scene 1- Celebration at the mead hall Scene 2- Grendel attacked the hall Scene 3- Beowulf arrived in Denmark Scene 4- Beowulf fights Grendel Scene 5- Grendel died and his mother revenged by killing people. Scene 6- Grendel’s mother seduced Beowulf Scene 7- Celebration at the hall Scene 8- Hrothgar killed himself Scene 9- Beowulf become the king and married Wealtheow
Scene 10- The Dragon attacked the hall Scene 11- Beowulf entered the lair of the Dragon Scene 12- Battle between Beowulf and the Dragon Scene 13- The Dragon died together with Beowulf Scene 14- Funeral pyre for Beowulf Actors/Actresses Ray Winstone- Beowulf Crispin Glover- Grendel Angelina Jolie- Grendel’s mother Anthony Hopkins- King Hrothgar John Malkovich- Unferth Brendan Gleeson- Wiglaf Robin Wright Penn-  Queen Wealtheow Alison Lohman- Ursula Costas Mandylor –Hondshew The Structure Beowulf 3D movie is based from an Old English poem which was considered as epic of England.
Based on my research, it was written between the 8th and 11th centuries A. D. , and it is the oldest surviving piece of English literature. The general events of the poem were adapted into an animated action-adventure movie in 2007. But there are many changes in this movie from the real epic which is not good for me because they must show the real essence of this epic tale. For the scene transitions, for me nothing is wrong and everything was just made right. The Cinematography At the first time I saw the movie, I thought that the characters here are real but it was truly an animated movie.
The light and special effects are great especially when Grendel attacked the hall which brought a lot of intense. I also like how they covered Beowulf’s manhood in many scenes in this movie. Also, for me, the battle between Beowulf and the Dragon was a great scene especially when they fight in the mid air and the Dragon was shot by hundreds of arrows. The look of the past can be seen with the images but it lacks the essence of the vision, the ancient stones, and the sacral light which are essential part for a tragic tale.
But besides that, it still looks great and every scene was taken carefully that keeps their audiences attached to the movie. The Music Background For me, the soundtrack was not that good but the sound effects throughout the movie are really nice. I can’t even remember the soundtrack or the music played in this movie. So it is really a great factor that every director must consider so that the audiences will be keeping in touch with the movie. Conclusion I therefore conclude that Beowulf movie, as a whole, is a great animated epic tale with just some revisions from the original one is still a great movie and very fun to watch.
Mr. Robert Zemeckis and the other producers and casts had job well done. They were able to show the audiences the story of a brave man who fought and died in killing monsters. Vocabularies: 1. Mead- a fermented beverage made of water and honey, malt, and yeast 2. Heave- to move a ship in a specified direction or manner 3. Thane- one resembling a feudal baron by holding lands of and performing military service for the king 4. Reek- a strong or disagreeable fume or odor 5. Troll- to sing the parts of (as a round or catch) in succession 6. Gobble-  to swallow or eat greedily . Vexes-  to bring trouble, distress, or agitation 8. Whore-  a male who engages in sexual acts for money 9. Shrink- to contract or curl up the body or part of it 10. Gouger- to scoop out with or as if with a gouge 11. Vomit-  to disgorge the stomach contents 12. Fallible-  capable of making a mistake 13. Flawed- a defect in physical structure or form 14. Fierce-  violently hostile or aggressive in temperament 15. Teeming-  to become filled to overflowing 16. Hasty-  done or made in a hurry 17. Glamour-  an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness 18.
Corpse-  a dead body especially of a human being 19. Hag- an ugly, slatternly, or evil-looking old woman 20. Heir- one who inherits or is entitled to inherit property 21. Slaughter-  the act of killing 22. Bard- a tribal poet-singer skilled in composing and reciting verses on heroes and their deeds 23. Feeble-  markedly lacking in strength 24. Bollocks-  make a mess of, destroy or ruin 25. Mock-  to treat with contempt or ridicule 26. Martyr-  a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle 27. Slip-  to pass quickly or easily away 28.
Talon-  the claw of an animal and especially of a bird of prey 29. Groat- a grain (as of oats) exclusive of the hull 30. Fornication- consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other Acknowledgement This Movie Review would not be possible without the Beowulf and Clash of the Titans cd which was borrowed from Ms. Hannah Alvendia and from my neighbor Thea Abella. I also want to acknowledge GOOGLE for the scripts of this film where I got the vocabularies and for giving some ideas on hot to make a movie review. And of course, I would also like to acknowledge our English teacher, Ms.
Maria Dolores Fiao- ag for giving us this opportunity to make this kind of movie review. Movie Review The Movie Clash of the Titans is a 2010 fantasy film which is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name. It is about the Greek myth of Perseus, a demigod and it was directed by Louis Leterrier. The film was originally set for standard release on March 26, 2010. It was later announced that the film would be converted to 3-D and expected release on April 2, 2010 My Opinion For me, the story was really great but actors did not portray their roles well. They can deliver the lines well but they lack of emotions.
Just like Beowulf, Clash of the Titans remake had also differences from the original and for me; it is not a big deal unlike the other comments that I had red that they always compare it to the original one and they say that it had no notable delivery. The Expected Audiences Clash of the Titans was rated as PG-13 which means that all people are allowed to watch the movie but children below thirteen years old must be given a parental guidance due to fantasy action violence, some frightening images and brief sensuality. The Outline Scene 1- Narration of the battle between the Olympians and the Titans
Scene 2- Spyros found Perseus and his dead mother Danae Scene 3- Soldiers destroying the statue of Zeus Scene 4- Hades killed the people and Perseus’ family Scene 5- Feast at the castle of Argos Scene 6- Hades entered and threatens them Scene 7- Perseus led a quest in killing the Kraken Scene 8- Perseus encountered Calibos and a scorpion Scene 9- Djinn helped in their battle against the big scorpions Scene 10- Arrived at Garden of Sygia Scene 11- Went to Medusa and cut her head. Scene 12- Calibos killed Io Scene 13- The Kraken was released Scene 14- Perseus arrived at Argos and killed the Kraken
Scene 15- Perseus banishes Hades back to the Underworld Scene 16- Perseus saved Andromeda under the sea Scene 17- Zeus and Perseus met again and Io was resurrected. Actors/Actresses Sam Worthington as Perseus Gemma Arterton as Io AlexaDavalos as Andromeda Jason Flemyng as Acrisius/Calibos Tine Stapelfeldt as Danae Nicholas Hoult as Eusebius Hans Matheson as Ixas Liam Cunningham as Solon Liam Neeson as Zeus Ralph Fiennes as Hades Ian Whyte as Sheikh Sulieman Pete Postlethwaite as Spyros Elizabeth McGovern as Marmara Polly Walker as Cassiopeia Vincent Regan as Kepheus Luke Treadaway as Prokopion Danny Huston as Poseidon
Natalia Vodianova as Medusa The Structure Clash of The Titans is a mythical Greek tale about a demigod named Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae. It was actually a 2D movie but it was later converted in 3D. Inmy research, Leterrier approached the studio early on about a 3D conversion but it was expensive and very new technology. After Avatar, the studio put pressure on Leterrier to convert the film. He was worried because of his previous concerns but was convinced after seeing the View-D conversion process. The transitions of scenes are good but sometimes it is boring to watch because some lacks emotion.
The Cinematography The cinematography by Peter Menzies Jr is nicely done, adding some gorgeous scenery to the mythological soap opera. Louis Leterrier handles the directing task equally well, proving up to the job of helming a big production. The one major sequence with Perseus riding Pegasus through Argos chasing down the flying henchbeasts is simply beautiful. But some scenes look very pale to me and lacks of suspense and intense. Despite its general failure, some scenes from Clash of the Titans remain memorable. Chief among them is the duel with Medusa, a scene that ripples with tension.
Sadly, the battle with the Kraken lacks a similar sense of danger. The Music Background The music background and the sound effects are good making it exciting, and adding atmosphere to the Greek mythological aspect of the film. The soundtracks are well suited to the scenes but I’m finding more suspense in some scenes especially in battles. Conclusion As a summary, Clash of the Titans movie contain a really great story, and has good visual and sound effects. I really like the action scenes which are really great. But the acting is mercurial, some are good, and some are bad.
The director brought nothing really new that will make us amaze, but aside from these, everything was perfect. Vocabularies: 1. Frail-  physically weak 2. Defiance- disposition to resist : willingness to contend or fight 3. Awe- an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred 4. Insolence-an instance of insolent conduct or treatment 5. Legion- a large military force 6. Demigod-  a mythological being with more power than a mortal but less than a god 7. Whirled-  to turn on or around an axis like a wheel  8. Plaint-  to express sorrow audibly . Tyranny- oppressive power 10. Colossal- of a bulk, extent, power, or effect approaching or suggesting the stupendous or incredible 11. Agony-  intense pain of mind or body 12. Torment-  the infliction of torture 13. Limbus- the marginal region of the cornea of the eye by which it is continuous with the sclera 14. Reek- a strong or disagreeable fume or odor 15. Conjurer- one that performs feats of sleight of hand and illusion 16. Clever- skillful or adroit in using the hands or body  17. Ferryman- a person who operates a ferry 18. Feat-  a deed notable especially for courage 19.
Mundane- of, relating to, or characteristic of the world 20. Sympathetic-  existing or operating through an affinity, interdependence, or mutual association 21. Spare-  to forbear to destroy, punish, or harm 22. Bounty-  something that is given generously 23. Filth-  moral corruption or defilement 24. Whip-  to take, pull, snatch, jerk, or otherwise move very quickly and forcefully 25. Kraken- a fabulous Scandinavian sea monster 26. Speck-  a very small amount 27. Siege- a persistent or serious attack 28. Affront-  to insult especially to the face by behavior or language 29. Lance-  to throw forward 0. Plague- a disastrous evil or affliction Introduction Clash of the Titans is a fantasy film based on the Greek myth of Perseus. This was just a remake of 1981 film of the same name. This movie also talks about the war between the man and the Greek Gods. Perseus embarks on a perilous journey to stop the underworld and its minions from spreading their evil to Earth as well as the heavens. Throughout this movie review, I had showed my opinions and my criticisms about this movie- the cinematography, structure, music background, and even the acting of the characters. MOVIE REVIEW Of CLASH OF THE TITANS

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