Analyzing The Existing Communication Process In Business English Language Essay

Business Communication:

Business communication is performed by the transmission of information to persons within the organization in many ways. Some of these methods include telephone, e-mail. Communications covers all services, employees, customers and stakeholders are aware of what is happening may be confused. If you can communicate well in a business, then things work smoothly and there is no confusion. Today, the technology has for many businesses and means of communication allowed, is through the use of cell phones, pagers, e-mail.

Communication Process

Here is a brief description of what is arguably the most popular method today for business communications. Some of them are well known, to ensure other newcomers on the stage, but for completeness and a common understanding,

CD-ROM A CD-ROM is a CD to store computer data used, although this data can be in almost any format, including audio and video. While CD-ROMs now universal on the PC, Depending on the type of media to create a CD-ROM and the necessary degree of interactivity, CD-ROMs can be expensive to replicate in the manufacture and supply but cheap.

Letters / memos / reports, despite the rise in electronic communications, we are all like our fair share of messages on paper. This may be because no e-mail link is between the parties because a hard copy for audit or legal requirements or because the recipient of paper rather than reading from a screen needs is required.

Manuals Another common form of paper document, with the difference that the main purpose rather than ordered to receive a response.

Fax Fax uses the PSTN as a way of providing paper documents from one place to another, in situations where a paper submission is essential.

E-mail E-mail has become the most important way to deliver short text messages within an organization’s network. If mail is more common in organizations, the media is increasingly replacing fax, especially when entire documents can be sent as email attachments. E-mail offers many cost advantages over using paper or phone.

Intranet An intranet uses the same technology as the Internet, but operates within the boundaries of an organization. Typically, an intranet is used to deliver text and pictures, even though the technology is capable of audio, animation, and video and real-time 3D Graphics (also known as virtual reality). TV and radio and television broadcasts are typically used for public or commercial purposes and some TV receivers are at work. However, some organizations use a large branch network of satellite TV programs transferred to the employees.

Meetings and by that we mean three or more people meeting in person.

Conferencing also allow for the meetings of three or more people at a distance.

Video conferencing Video conferencing uses telephone lines to video and audio transmission between two or more parties. Because cameras, microphones, audio playback, a special software and a high-bandwidth network cabling is necessary, video conferences are rare, and on specially designed workstations.

Q2: Implement changes to the communication system of multi-national business in order to enhance its efficiency?

Effective Changes In business Communication:

Business communication is a continuous exchange of information. It is a continuous process. As more and more companies to expand, the greater the pressure on the companies find more effective means of communication – both with staff and with the outside world. How it business and communication go hand in hand. Without effective business communication, a manager can not run the basic functions of management effectively. It is the vital force of the organization.

To contact for a good deal, you must ensure that, all communication in the workplace, in writing or orally, should be logical, structured, such that should be a good start, a good body (content) and have an effective end. Whether a business letter or business, language, the communication is initiated, so that the public is very interested and pay attention to the message. The content of this announcement, the central message of the communication. The announcement should end in such a way that the public knows what is expected of them and they get the list of the message.

Good media should take to be used in a way, reporting and financial constraints. Select the appropriate channel, the required amount depends on paperwork and speed feedback is required.

Communication should articulate and concise. Use of ambiguous words should be avoided. Selection of words such as cultural differences should be overcome.

Business communication must influence and persuasion.

The communication should be polite. Polite and considerate behaviour is essentially the business communication.

A positive body language is used. For example, at meetings and interviews in regular contact with eyes, give a pleasant smile, making everyone feel at ease, etc.

Feedback is an integral part of communication. No comments, is it impossible to know whether the recipient understood the message to the same conditions as expected.

Be an active listener. The communication is improved, if you’re a good listener. Someone needs to hear positive, should be open-minded and cautious.

These events should not be partition that should be complete. The recipient of the message can get confused or may have a wrong action when the facts are incomplete.

Q3: Explain how communication can be divided into discrete stages?

Stages of Business Communication:

The discrete stages of business communication include communication goals, coding, transmission, reception, decoding and response. The cycle begins when the speaker is organized in a message header and then the news of some media as radio, computer, phone, etc. The decoded message is then transmitted to the target. The other person receives the message and decodes and understands the message in his / her opinion. In this way, the communication is terminated.

INTRA PERSONAL COMMUNICATION: The use of language or thinking in the Communicator. Man is its own transmitter and receiver, feedback, internal order in a continuous process. It may be useful to introduce interpersonal communication occurring in the mind of the individual in a model that contains a sender, receiver, and the feedback loop

INTER PERSONAL COMMUNICATION: defined by scholars of communication in many ways, although most definitions for students who apply independently of each other, their common history.

direct and indirect channels: communication channels can be divided into two main categories.

GROUP COMMUNICATION: Related to the nature of the communication that occurs in groups of 3 to 12 people. Small group communication is usually done in a context of mixed human interaction communication social grouping.

Public Communication-is situated in the centre of economy, society and politics. Studios use to promote their films. Politicians use it to get elected. Companies use them to polish their image. Advocates use to promote social causes. This is an area on ideas and images, persuasion and information, strategy and tactics based. No policy or product can succeed without an intelligent message of the right audience in a creative and innovative ways.

nonverbal communication channels are those channels to use the words in any way, such as written communication or oral communication. Non-verbal communication channels are those that require no nonsense words, such as certain open facial expressions, body movements will control (like on the road for traffic control done at an intersection),color (red for danger, to green , etc.), sound (sirens, alarms, etc.).

Indirect channels are the direct control of the sender. These include kinesics or body language that the inner feelings and motivations, does not reflect the actual message sent. These include terms such as “anticipation.

Q4: Examine the issues with mass communication when handling large number of employee?

Issues of mass Communication:

Mass communication is particularly the national newspapers, radio and television.” Mass communication sends a message to inform the general public, directly or convince the masses of a particular message.

Purpose: The purpose of mass communication in the economy, a corporate message, a public message or a message to send to other companies. Company-wide messages are seen often in the form of a memo, e-mail or voice mail mass mass. This is in larger companies that have seen a national or global presence. A public mass communication in the economy is intended for the purpose of marketing a positive image in the public or the public about the objectives of the company. Mass communication to other companies to convince them to partner thereof, or use the company’s products or services.

Types: Mass communication in business is manifested communication are used to obtain the company’s image upright. Press releases and press conferences will be used to inform the public of changes or to clarify facts.

One of the most striking features of the new mass media – radio, television and movies – is that they give the illusion of face-to-face relationship with the actor. The terms of the response to the performer are analogous to that primary in a group. The most remote and illustrious men have been met, as if they were in the circle of their own colleagues, the same is true for a character in a story that comes to life in these media in a very lively and engaging manner. We propose that this apparent face-to-face relationship between spectator and performer called a para-social relationship. In television, especially, makes the picture that is presented either nuances of appearance and gesture, is in the usual social perception attention and the interaction is highlighted. Sometimes the “actors” are – if he plays himself, or the fictitious case of a role – to see is busy with other, but often he stands to the viewer, uses the mode of direct address, talks as if he were to maintain personal and private .

Q5: write about how culture and gender can change the meaning of communication for different groups of people?

The universal quality is diversity. Given this diversity, ranging from one another to understand the project end points are constantly changing. The path is based communication and conflicts, misunderstandings and communication problems since and can escalate conflicts. Effective communication is often the key to progress in a conflict.

Progress through conflict is possible, and the route is twofold. First, self-knowledge and self-experience are required. Without this, our seemingly normal approaches of meaning and communication is never clear enough that we are for what they are: a series of lenses, what we see, the form, hear, say, to understand and interpret. Second, the cultural fluency is required, which means act of familiarity with the culture and the ability to familiarity. Cultural fluency means understanding what culture is, how it works and the possibilities of culture and communication are intertwined with conflict.

That sounds simple enough, but it actually requires considerable and each other mean, to understand, “Reorganization and few people are prepared to such a radical step risk. “communication theorists, anthropologists and others have tools to develop awareness of their own lenses and the reorganization of thinking necessary to truly understand others whose starting points may differ from our own ease.

it is reasonable and appropriate, see gender communication as a form of intercultural communication. First, I offer a brief introduction to gender differences in communication, focusing on examples that illustrate how gender influences both the product and communication. In short, this discussion highlights the primary role of communication in gender issues played. Develop is (the real experts on gender communication and librarian) examples of problems and / or possible solutions directly to provide the practicing librarian context. Overview on gender and communication technologies

Q6: How can the saying action speaks better than words apply to verbal non verbal communication?

Verbal communication: includes volume, pitch and articulation and pronunciation. Verbal communication includes sign language and written forms of communication.

Nonverbal communication: Nonverbal communication includes those important but unspoken signals show that people, in particular: Transport / attitude, appearance, listening to music, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions.

A very good example: A man comes home late and heard from the kitchen, the banging of pots and pans and cabinet doors. He enters the kitchen, his wife asks, “What’s wrong, honey?” She replies, “Nothing!” as it proposes a different cabinet door and rolls her eyes to the ceiling.

It has the word “nothing” guilty, but it is their unspoken communication that tells him that “nothing” is not the right answer. It is clearly communicated by their actions. Communication is an essential part of daily life. Any form of communication will facilitate the exchange of information and understanding. As with verbal and nonverbal communication, any form of the other because they have different purposes. However, the obvious difference is between these two forms of communication, a manager do to the other. Rather, they should complement each other.

Verbal communication components: The key components of verbal communication include language, sound, word and speech. The focus in verbal communication is the act of speaking. Words alone are not enough to put the seriousness of the message or the true meaning. It is the pronunciation part; the verbal communication makes a significant way.

Nonverbal communication components: Nonverbal communication, on the other hand, more emphasis on action. Components with non-verbal communication include kinesics (posture, body movements, synchronize, and the degree of relaxation or tension), gestures (intentional movement), facial expressions, spatial relations, and touch screen (look). It is the part of the message can not be expressed in words, that is funded by non-verbal the intention of the two.

Memorandum of verbal communication: Basically, give the intent or purpose of verbal communication, the necessary information and direction. When a person employs verbal communication, it provides information. Talk about something does clarify and show how things are. There is the direction part. Through verbal communication, it is possible to direct perception in certain thoughts and attitudes. In verbal communication, people have the ability to manipulate, to things with words.

Memorandum of nonverbal communication: Nonverbal communication intends to put more meaning in the expressions and gestures is a different kind of clarity. Non-verbal communication provides hints and tips, the true meaning behind the words used.

Q7: Using different mediums can lead to different outcomes of messages. Justify the statement with example?

Advertisement: Advertising can log everything from your shop or website to an advertisement in a magazine or a 30-second radio slot to be.

Advertising can basic information such as your contact details and website address Increase sales by potential customers about your products or service tell customers about changes to your service, the introduction of new products and enhancements

Improve your short-term sales with a particular unique message – informing people about a particular tender or a special benefit of your product

Prompt some action – maybe get customers to visit your site or premises, or use a discount coupon within a certain time

remind existing customers about your business

In people’s attitudes and perceptions of your company

Help create or help develop a distinctive brand for your company from your competitors

Your first choice for business customers from the competition

generate awareness for your company

develop a specific market niche or position

Advertising does not always have to be on sales and marketing. You can also use:

Target your customer Decide if your target audience locally or regionally, nationally or internationally, or a mixture. Note that a local business could benefit from national advertising, especially if it extended to us in new areas. You can advertise in a variety of different media. With a media mix can contribute to the message or information that you want to strengthen communication. Before choosing a specific type of media, you should find out from the media and other independent sources of its distribution or viewing figures and what the audience penetration or “reach”, the product is. Basically, you need to know how many, where and who to. Numbers can be broken down generally into age groups, average income and other useful indicators.

Q8: What are the impacts of ineffective communication on business and its stakeholders? Justify your answer with examples from real business situations?

The average entrepreneur does not realize the impact of ineffective communication skills on their bottom line. Therefore, a high percentage is not to invest in the development of this important skill communication”

“A good conversation never sounds like a speech, but a good speech always sounds like a good conversation,” Mark Sanborn. How true is this statement? Ineffective communication can affect every aspect of life, especially your business. That’s why I wanted to discuss the importance of this issue today. Many of our readers are entrepreneurs who rely on effective communication in order to grow their businesses. Effective communication provokes thoughts, feelings and actions within your target group. If you are a sales professional, and your closing ratio is not where you want it to be, you have a look at how effective or ineffective you are taking interact with your audience. The problem with communication is often the illusion that is not realized. To become an emotional communicator, your focus should be your target audience. Too often, a communicator focused only on his or her image when speaking, or just the message – “I say this as much as I practiced it?” Their goal is 100% be directed to the audience. Some communicators fail to convince their audience because they do not connect with them in ways that provoke thoughts, feelings and actions. The best way to learn what not to do with communication for what not to do Clock. When attending events, we are always aware of speakers to see, what they actually do and what they do not ineffective. What we have come to notice is that the most effective communicators are very entertaining. They use the art of entertainment to provide the science, the science information. An ineffective communication results from not the skill-set. Often times, the messages of non-specific ineffective communicators which then allows the audience to try and find out what they were saying. Always practice to make your communication as a conversation instead of a speech and see how the impact of your business. We look forward to your ideas on what to hear ineffective communication. Take time to think about it. We are eagerly waiting for you all on the summit of your success.

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