Analyze the Learner

Analyze the Learner

General characteristics:

I attend the Hacı Ömer Tarman Anatolian high school in class 11-FC. There are 27 students, 16 of them are boy the remains are girl. Although their learning abilities are nearly the same because they took the same exam before enter this school, they have some differences in their cognitive levels. So from time to time I have to use different methods to attract their attention.

Student’s socioeconomic levels are different and this affects their achievement. Because students that have low economic status could not get private lessons. In addition that while giving research project I realized their economic conditions.

Students are aware of the importance of lecture because they know the university entrance exam are very important for their future life so they do not miss any single hour.

Entry competencies:

In order to understand the whether the students have necessary prerequisites and knowledge I will make a pretest to understand these. For example before starting acid base concept students should know some concepts from 9th class. These can be

* Matter

* Nomenclature of compound

* Chemical reactions and calculations

* Mole concept

* Solutions and molarity

And also for achieving these concepts they ought to have these skills mentioned below.

* Reading and writing skills

* Problem solving skills

* Analytical and critical thinking skills

* Manipulating laboratory equipment skill

* Problem solving skills

Learning styles:

Students have different multiple intelligences so during the lecture as a instructor I should use different methods in order to motivate the learners. So they can easily the topic. It can be seen that in secondary school students are bored if the teacher use traditional method. However if they use different methods such as demonstration, role play, cooperative learning, they can understand easily, because the concepts are taught in a different manner. In addition to that giving examples from daily lives also increase students attention .but most of the teacher us lecturing method to complete the curriculum on time. But according tro me understand the topic is more important to complete the topic.

So I will use analogy to teach the complex topic in an easy way and also make a demonstration so that students can easily realize what is going on, because of this reason I will prepare a video that is related to the chemistry experiment. And I will give daily life examples so students realized that chemistry is related to our life therefore they are willing to my lecture.

State Objectives:

The topic is in the K-10 curriculum. There are some requirements for the instruction. These include the previous knowledge from 9th grade level. At the end of the lesson 10th grade students will be able to have the following objectives.

Ø General objective : Students understand the definition of acid and bases

o Behavioral objectives:

§ To know the meaning of acids and bases

§ Describe Arrhenius acid base definition

§ Describe Bronsted acid base definition

§ Describe Lewis acid base definition

§ To know the differences between acid base definitions

Ø General objective : Students predict the use of acid and bases in daily life

o Behavioral objectives:

§ To give examples for acids and bases from daily life

§ To distinguish the properties of acids and bases

§ To explain the properties of acids and bases

Ø General objective : To describe and explain the acid-base reactions and pH range

o Behavioral objectives:

§ To predict the products of the acid-base reactions

§ To identify the acid-base strengths of the substances according to their pH range

§ To write neutralization reaction

Select Modify Design Instructional Methods, Media, and Materials:

During the instruction students’ attention is the most important factor. Because of this I should use not only lecturing but also demonstrations, analogy, and questioning methods. Also students’ needs and interest also determines the method that I have to use. Because of these I will use videos and power point slides very often. Since students can easily understand if they can see what is going on and where the subject is used in dial life. Because of these facts I will start my lecture asking questions to motivate the students to think and giving examples, making analogies and watching videos, we will try to find the answers with class by using inquiry. Then with the help of these activities I will mention the definitions and we will discuss daily life usages with class. After that some problems are solved. At the end pf this unit I will give a handout that contains the important things about these topics and we make a discussion on them. After these I will make a mini quiz that shoes the feedback of student’s information Using media and materials:

Preview the materials:

Before lesson I will be sure that the technological devices and chemicals are present at school. Then I will check the videos and my slides if they are suitable for my students and my objectives. In addition to that I will check my handouts that are adequate for all class and I also control my recalling notes.

Prepare the materials:

I will prepare effective slides an videos in order to attract students attention because they use technology and they like to use technology that is why I will use different technological equipments during my lecture. In addition to that I will prepare set ups for demonstrations. Also I will make several questions that will be asked during the lecture. And if I have an extra time I will solve them. Finally I will copy the handouts for students in order to summarize what I teach them in the lesson.

Prepare the environment:

Classroom environment is very important factor for students’ achievement. I mostly concentrate on the air of the class. It should be fresh and heating system should work regularly and have an ideal temperature. The students’ desks should be arranged U shape so they can see slides and my demonstrations easily

Prepare the Learners:

At the beginning of the lecture I will summarizes the last lecture then I started my topic with a question. After that I started to my topic with a challenging question. Next, I will give brief information about what we will study and our method. During the lecture I will ask questions for brain storming and I will make them to participate the lecture so they can learn easily the subject.

Provide the Learning Experience:

I start my lesson with to show the chemicals and ask their opinion about them. Then I make them watch the video and at the end of the video I will ask the main differences between acid and base. After students are able to motivate, I will teach my topic by using demonstrations and questions. I should talk according to level and a do not use long sentences. So students can not lose attention. And also I know the importance of gesture and eye contact. During the lecture I will walk in the class so that they can not sleep or doing irrelevant things related to the lecture

Require Learner Participation:

For an effective lesson, students participation is very important so I will ask questions during the lesson in order to increase their attention to lesson and I will us inquiry method that I will not directly give the subject. But I will help them to find the statements by themselves. Moreover I encourage them to ask questions related to lecture so they can learn easily. After watching videos I will apply group work activity to discuss the video and trying to find what they have learned and observed. At the end we will make a concept map so students can understand the relationship between the subjects easily.

Evaluate and Revise:

Evaluate Students Performance:

Before the lecture day I will give them pretests by looking of the results I van understand their previous knowledge and their cognitive level so that I will prepare my lectures according to this. For example I can decide the most efficient method and by knowing their prerequisite knowledge I can design the topical outline according to them furthermore since I know their limitations, I can concentrate on more during the lecture. At the end of the lecture I will give posttest so I will gain information what they have learned and by looking their classroom activity and their answers to my questions also a guide for their knowledge. With the help of these I can easily recognize whether they can understand the lecture and achieved the objectives. So these feedbacks are very useful for me because I will not only gain their knowledge but also understand whether my lecture is useful

Evaluate Media Components:

In order to determine the media effectiveness I will prepare an questionnaire to the students that can write their all emotions during the lecture, students do not write their names so students can write their feeling easily. Therefore I can rearrange my activity if they have any limitations or not. And so if it has limitations I will rearrange them in an effective way.

Evaluate instructor performance:

While I am evaluating students’ performance, I will also evaluate my own performance. If the results of these are good enough, I can accept that my performance is fine. But it this is not the case actually because I should be analyzed by other teachers and also the questionnaire results give information about the effectiveness of my teaching style.

Advantages of Assure Model

Ó Choosing method easy for using the learning process.

Ó giving teachers opportunities to use new media and technology in their lessons

Ó Being enjoyable and attractive for not only students but also teachers.

Ó Be used technological devices for the lecturing by teacher.

Ó Provides variety of different activities and make lesson more enjoyable

Disadvantages of the Assure Model

Ó Only one topic can be learn by using assure model. Other topics cannot mention.

Ó Although many schools do not have technological devices, they are required in this model.

Ó Preparation takes long time; therefore, it is time consuming.

Ó It is expensive compared to the only lecturing method.


While preparing this homework I realized that using assure model has so many advantages and increase the education level. But unfortunately most of the teachers do not use this model because their programs are too loaded and their classes are very crowded. So application of this model in turkey is difficult because it is more expensive than normal but advantages of this model camouflage these limitations

Furthermore, applying assure model is very important. Because with the help of this model our students do not have to memorize everything and they can understand their lecture easily. But as I mentioned before I could not use this method every lecture because of the lack of time. if our ministry of education suggest a solution for poor and crowded schools and decrease the density of the curriculum I will be use this model usually.

Moreover, I have some difficulty about how to prepare an activity by using assure model so I wrote the important steps of assure model and I explained when I will use assure model by noticing the importance of stages.

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